21 November 2012

WTCHS - "Wet Weapons EP"

For those of you not excited about going to see all of your relatives on Thanksgiving, to cope with that here's a nice little treat from Canada. WTCHS is a 4-piece garage/math rock band, and they have now released their debut EP, Wet Weapons. The 4 tracks on here definitely show a lot of promise and talent for this band whenever they drop their debut full length. Tons of precision, dynamics, and just overall skill really make these guys fairly impressive and memorable.

The EP begins with "Parties Of Three", a very atmospheric punk tune with some pretty heavy and catchy riffage pushing the track along. The vocals on the track are very far out and reverbed, the guitars have some very good and twisting riffs, and the drums are really just pounding. "Adult Crimes", which is the first song dropped from this EP, is a bright and catchy track, kinda a piece of punk sunshine in my opinion. "Hot Mexican" is pretty dark, very heavy and disturbing bass and guitar riffs, and a lot of shouted vocals. It really just echoes through your head while your listening to it. "Barbara" is equally as heaving and brooding as the other track,  and it just ends the EP in the right way so the songs are cemented into your mind.

If you want to check out a brand new rock band that will probably have a lasting impression on you. WTCHS is that band. Memorable, catchy, dynamic, and just pretty darn perfect. I recommend it highly. You can stream the EP up above.

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