20 November 2012

Tony Falco and Josh Sinton - "Internal Combustion"

I don't really talk about jazz very much on this blog. I don't know why that is. I love the genre quite a bit and listen to it quite a bit. But other than bands like BADBADNOTGOOD and Little Women not much recent jazz music has been really interesting to me. That's why I was very happy to stumble across this new album by Tony Falco and Josh Sinton. On this album, these two musicians create 7 wild tracks of free jazz improvisations. For just two guys, they produce some of the best and most interesting jazz sounds I've heard in a while. The album starts off with "Vibrational Adjustment", a 5 minute slow moving track with all these cymbal movements along with some very deep and bassy clarinet and saxophone. Stinton's horn textures are really something to be marveled at on this track, tons of odd and experimental sounds fly through it and I really can't explain some of them. The next track, the title track, is an 11 minute monster. It all starts off with a very impressive 3 minute drum solo from Tony Falco, it's very reminiscent to things you would hear on a Miles Davis record. Then, Stinton breaks in with his saxophone and they duo just breaks right in. It is very impressive to see the duo string out the song for so long, because I can't imagine the amount of stamina it took to make it. Falco's drumming on the track at some points is just so fast and quick that it's hard to keep up with him. Stinton has some pretty long winded imrpov moments on the sax that just feel like he could pass out any second. It's quite a wild improv track, one that is really sticking with me right now. "Transformation" has much more of a close up on the Stinton's trombone sounds, and he really brings his all for this track.   The sax really just feels like it is wailing at somepoints, which I didn't know bass saxophones could do. "Sagnacity" is definitely the track on this record that feels like it has the most form to it, with a pretty accessible solo from Stinton and not as improvised drums from Falco. The track "Nowhere Now!" however, is the exact opposite. This 10 minute jam is really where the label free jazz fits this album perfectly. The track "Solitude" reminds me of some of Henry Mancini's smoother tracks, just performed by two guys instead of 50. "Any Last Words?", in its total length of 8 minutes, has some very catchy improv moments on it, all lasting short periods of time, but they are definitely some of the catchiest bits that this album has to offer. Internal Combustion is definitely a very original and interesting jazz record. Falco and Stinton's improv skills are very impressive, and they make some really cool and fresh sounds with just bass sax and clarinet and drums. I would recommend this to anyone who's tired of just average jazz that's coming out these days and want something new (along with BBNG, Little Women and Colin Stetson). You can stream and buy this album up above. Also, check out some of Tony Falco's other stuff here, because he has some more really cool projects.

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