04 November 2012

The Foreign Films - "Sweet Sorrow/You Were My Summer Sun"

Hailing from Canada, The Foreign Films is an up and coming rock indie rock project. Their latest release, the single "Sweet Sorrow" is a glorious Beatles influenced psych tune that will make you want to dance. Spanning to almost 5 minutes, the band packs as much as they can in to the song, with tons of tempo changes, various instrumentation (tons of violins, cellos, pianos) and very pretty vocals. There are tons of very psychedelic and 60's style guitars that I could see coming out right of Abbey Road. The song is definitely worth checking out if you're into a throwback style rock tune. The hooks on this song are incredibly catchy, for sure. You will be able to remember them for a long time. I highly recommend a good listen or 5. You can download the song a long with its B-side "You Were My Sun" (also great) right up above.

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