04 November 2012

Redrick Sultan - "Trolling For Answers"

Redrick Sultan is a group from the beautiful city of Vancouver. This is their latest record, Trolling For Answers. It was released in January. There are 17 tracks on this record, and as far as genres go, I'm unsure how to label it. There are elements of prog, jazz, funk, comedy, experimental, and electronic music, all on this album. It's really quite something. The album starts with the very fun and bouncy "Dance Of The Trilobytes", a track infected with tons of synthesizers and organs that remind me a little bit of carnival music. "Time Travel" is a drone interlude with very dark sci-fi bleeps and bloops all over the place. "Dinosaurs" made me laugh really hard. With the hook "Dinosaurs! Motherf***in' dinosaurs! Oh Yeah!", how could I not! The track has these hazy electric pianos and saxophones that really fit perfectly into the track. "People" is definitely a very complicated little song, tons of instrumentation and vocals everywhere really make the track a beauty. "For Ire" is a beautiful acoustic track. "Law And Order" is very simple, just 2 minutes of cellos and strings, but despite the simplicity, it's a very pretty and beautiful track. "Morningwood ft. Panax" is a funky little tune with Panax rapping about his suburban community of Morningwood. "Sandcheek" has a very fun latin and jazz fusion vibe to it that I found enjoyable. "Three Rabbits Walk Into A Bar" is very solid. Klinky pianos, group vocals, strings, you can just really feel the song fitting in the setting of a 1930's western saloon. "Angus' Head Wound" is Miles Davis style improv song that I really love. If you love Bitches Brew and Get Up With It, you'll love this song. "Dahlin" is another simple and pretty acoustic track. "The Minkler" has some unmistakable jazz horns mixed very beautifully with acoustics and strings. "Trolling For Answers" is a minute long piece of fun. "Giraffe Food ft. Panax" has a really great jazz progression on it and another rap from Panax. The tracks mood sorta changes when he starts, but I still enjoy it quite a bit. I see his rap going behind an early Eminem beat. "Genesis Explosion" is a sort of musical/broadway style song. "Clouds" is a very pretty orchestral song. It ends off the LP very well.

While as a whole, Redrick Sultan is definitely all over the place on this record, the vibes of fun that I got from it really overtook any gripes that I had while listening to the record. So much musicianship between the members and just.... fun. I'm really enjoying this record, and I'm really hoping to catch them on their upcoming winter tour in the US. You can stream and buy the record right up there, as always. :) Dance a little.

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