18 November 2012

Nah - "OTHER"

Philly noise master Nah is back with another EP, entitled Other. Just like his previous LP End, Nah continues to make some of the most harsh and noisy beats known to man on this EP. His brutally pounding drums are in full force right next to his very odd and glitchy industrial sample. The song "Vcrhigh" has a very sleak and memorable synth line, and just mind destroying drums. If you like to listen to stuff on full volume, our brain will melt while listening to the explosive sounds Nah creates on the drums. "Select Dead" is a very glitchy track, with a very distorted and harsh noise sample taking the front of the track. "Fed" is an exploration into the really experimental for Nah, with some very weird and mildly disturbing synth samples hat really give the track an extra umph into the insane. "Video Sludge" has probably the most disturbing sample on here: it sounds like a robot trying to sing while he is being stabbed by a masked murderer. It's definitely very hard to forget. "On/Off/Don't" is probably the most accessible track on here. Simple sample, less distortion, and it all adds up to a very good and less permanently scarring way to the EP. Nah definitely continues to be one of the most interesting musical figures floating around right now with this EP. Mind numbing samples, incredibly bombastic and loud drums, and just really explosive musical sounds and ideas are just so up front and in your face that you really have to prepare yourself to listen to him. If you're not ready to take a dive into the bizarre and disturbing, then this EP is not for you. Me personally, I love it. You can stream and download the EP for free up above. Also, check out this brutal footage of Nah playing two songs off of END at Gnarfest in Chicago. Great stuff.


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