04 November 2012

Nah - "END"

Nah is one of the more recent projects added to amazing Woozy Tribe collective. This collective has spawned some of our favorite artists from the last year or so, like Trash Kids, Cemetery Family Band, Show Your Teeth, Messed Up Coyote and Body Cheetah. Now, we have Nah and his latest beat tape, END. This is definitely not Nah's first rodeo however; he released his first beat tape Tapef**k in February and a demo EP last year. This is our personal introduction to him though. And man. If you love just innovative, weird, and lo-fi beats, you'll love this record. The album begins with "Stomachguts", a very odd feedbacky and lo-fi track with a very memorable synth sample hook and tons of noise to support it. It's very bizarre, but at the same time quite catchy. "F*** you too" is a basically minute long free jazz drum solo. "Duh" is a quite a song, with an insanely catchy hook of synths and looped and edited drums that literally just feel cut up from another song put into the track. "Brain Chips" may or may not begin with a sample from the noise section of The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt's collaborative song, but it quickly changes into this very smooth beat track that involves some knob twisting I believe. "Quickdrip" sounds like a sample of an old gangster rap beat on repeat. I like the very odd tremelo'ed synths on "slowdrip", they just give the song an element of experimental music to it. "Who Kill" has a very mutated guitar sample and these banging distorted drums that really just sort of sound like the person playing them must've busted a snare doing it. Tosn of more noise really help make the track crazy awesome. "Space swamp" is very brief but awesome experimental track, kinda reminding me of Agent X12. "Difficult" has a great catchy beat for sure. "Sad Bad" sounds like the drums have had a reverse effect put on them and are really enhanced when put behind the tracks equally odd and reversed synth line. "Hell in Hell" sounds like Zach Hill or someone like that put together a beat and just sort of mutilated it with distortion and editing. It's pretty crazy and even though it would normally just get repetitive, the track actually is fairly entrancing for almost the whole time. "allfather" is a very pretty short ambient piece. "Mang Tang" feels like the soundtrack to having a seizure. "Dark S**t"is another sort of free jazz drum improv track. "Mostly Hate" has a weird effect put on the drums that feels very odd and interesting, along with a some very blippy synths. The whole track ends in a noisy and blurry mess that I can't quite decipher. "Severed" is a loud and bombastic noise piece. "Bile" is a very odd little track, tons of various noises, simple beat, and a lot of odd and disturbing synths that lead into the next track "Total Death". That track is a just a totally sour assembly of church bells that just lead down into a noise purgatory. "Pluie" is a swirling noise piece that kind of growls in your face. "End" is a very nice ambient beat track. "Tech Support" makes full use of Nah's beats and has rapper Nnamandi Ogbonnya rap on the track. It really shows how interesting of a rap producer Nah could be, and it ends off the LP just in the funnest and most awesome way possible. This tape is definitely one of the most interesting things I've heard all year. Lo-fi, noisy, ambient, and just experimental sounds and beats that but the majority of beat records that have come out this year to shame. It's a pretty big punch in the face to the pretty and well produced beat makers that are around these days. If you want something that is different, new, and mildly bizarre, I highly recommend this record. Stream it and download it for free up above as always.

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  1. thanks for the write up. saw this on the woozy page.
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