10 November 2012

Monster Bad - "Chlorine"

Monster Bad is the musical outlet for 16 year old Chris Graci. He released his debut EP last year, and this is his 3rd official EP since then, Chlorine. Now Chlorine is a collection of 6 tracks of very solid acoustic singer/songwriter songs. The first track on here, "White Dress", is a very simplistic and bear but beautiful acoustic track, just simply Chris and his guitar, and an occasional group vocal will pop in. I really love this tracks simplicity, no unnecessary effects are put into the track to make it more emotional, because it really doesn't need them. It's pretty interesting. The 2nd track "I Can't Think/Call The Moon" is definitely a very interesting song. The first part is a very atmospheric campfire song that feels like Chris is singing right into a forest. The second part is a progression into a very nice and pretty acoustic and drum track. "Bad Man, Bad Animal" has some very interesting lyrics behind it and some rough distorted guitars float in the background of the track towards the end. "In Silence" kinda reminds me of a OCS/Cemetery Family Band track with a more folk twinge. "Chlorine" is what Monster Bad songs would sound like behind a full band. And I really like it. It's a very nice folk punk sound. "Love/Cholera" is easily this EP's best track. "Love" is a very atmospheric and calm track with this very fragile acoustic guitar that really just fits perfectly behind Chris's very hazy and deep vocal delivery on the song. "Cholera" sounds like a lo-fi hidden track demo, and it is very likeable. The whole thing sounds very distorted with tape fuzz, and it's quite interesting. It definitely ends the EP off right. While I don't think that Monster Bad is going to become the next Bon Iver, he definitely has created a very nice and memorable EP. I'll definitely be excited when this guy drops his next project. He did a very nice job here. You can download and stream it up above.

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