17 November 2012

Marie Avery - "If You've Got Time"

For the past two years, Marie Avery has been working on finishing her first EP, and it's almost here. But until that happens, she's given us a debut single, "If You've Got Time". And this track does has set my expectations fairly high for the EP when it comes out. This track, coming in at almost 4 minutes, is a very beautiful piece of music. The opening parts of the track have Marie just with her voice and her piano, singing about wanting someone to come over before they leave. I really like it. The piano melody is very memorable and instantaneously catchy. The producers that Marie chose really fleshed this track out as it goes along. Tons of backup vocals, bass, some light sitars at one point, various synths, and some glorious strings. I love the huge Queen style breakout this song has towards the end with huge reverbed drums and all of the instrumentation just swelling behind Marie's voice. If you love 60's style songs of people like Queen and The Beatles but with a very pretty female vocal, you'll love this track. Actually change that: if you just want to have a nice heartwarming track, you'll love it. You can give it a listen and download up above. We will put up the EP when it comes out for you guys, for sure.

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