23 November 2012

Fag Cop - "Whimpers From The Pantheon"

Fag Cop is probably one of Lawrence's most interesting bands. They've been through a million and one lineup changes (their last one included XO Pressings mastermind Dan Ohm), released music under multiple names, have almost no online presence, don't do interviews, may or may not be broken up and have played in the infamous Church Of Malt Liquor (the defunct show playing ditch in the side of the road by the train station, video below). And why are all these things true?  We'll never know. This band is really one of those groups just shrouded in mystery, and we'll probably never find out the answers to our questions. But, I do know that the band released an LP earlier this year on tape and vinyl (both sold out), entitled Whimpers From The Pantheon. If you're in the mood for a harsh and dark punk record, this thing is something for you.

On this record, Fag Cop is really on their game. Each track on here is a fairly disturbing lyrical and musical punk trip through wherever Fag Cop wants to take you. Whether they want to show you their rejection of religion ("Nailed It To The Cross") or them on a shoot-em-up drug prowl ("Who's Got The Juice?"), it is their journey through the twisted realms that they are taking you on with them. It's pretty wild. Another thing that I want to point out about this LP is that most the songs are actually fairly catchy. Despite the inaccessibilities in the vocals, production and chord structures, these songs are usually very memorable. Take the first track "Nailed It To The Cross" for example. On this track, the lyrics are kind of vile, and the frontman here goes for a very nasally and snarly vocal delivery. But, the chord progression and almost everything about the song really sticks with me, despite all the darkness. For those not used to music like this, it's definitely a great trait for this LP that helps make it likeable for people other than myself. If you're in the mood for just a whirl and ride of a punk album, definitely give this a listen. I don't think you'll be disappointed. There is download link to the album down below for your pleasure, and also a video of them playing at The Church Of Malt Liquor (for realz). Also, head over to the blog Sunny Cellars for an almost full discography download from Fag Cop and their other names (they did a great job at finding the majority of their releases, props to them).


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