17 November 2012

Dark Blue Dark Green - "Dark Blue Dark Green"

Dark Blue Dark Green is a 2-piece band of brothers coming to us from the beautiful town of Columbia, MO. Between the two of them, they create some of the most interesting avant-garde/experimental rock and jazz songs I've heard in a while. The very odd latin tinged vocals, the wild saxophones, the jazzy bass, occasional and interesting synths and guitars and odd tempo and tune changes are enough to make this album the band's self titled debut LP an enthralling ride from start to finish. The album starts off with "Your Lack Of Shame", right after a brief synth blip intro, goes right into a very interesting experimental jazz fusion song. If you don't like this song, you probably aren't gonna like the other songs on this album either. It really sets the album's odd mood perfectly. "Control" is a very interesting math rock inspired song with TONS of tempo changes and just changes in general. At around the 3 minute mark, the tracks goes into this weird manic tangent that is equal parts confusing and enjoyable. "On Ocean's Cliff" really showcases this band's sort of avant garde tendencies, particularly in the extra instrumentation and vocals. "Jack" is a very slow and progressive song that gets more and more interesting the further you get into it. "Big Boots" is kind of an accessible treat for those who were easily scared off by the other tracks. "Red Truck" is a very interesting experimental/fusion song that has tons of out of tune and wild saxophones and some very blippy synthscapes towards the end. "Gallip, Jesus, Gallup" begins with very noisy guitars and then ends with an slow moving post rock acoustic ballad. "This is the Feel" evolves into one of this album's most emotion fueled songs, starting with very dreary vocal loops accompanied by drum and bass, eventually turning into a loud rock jam. "Flip The Tape" is a kind of post-rock sounding song, with these very overpowering and pretty guitars matched up behind the constantly changing vocals. If you really want a wild ride of a record and of a band, check out Dark Blue Dark Green. This album may sort of be all over the place, but for me, the constant twists and turns this album sends you just make it more and more interesting. I really never knew what was going to happen next while listening to it, and that's really what I loved about it. Dark Blue Dark Green might be one of the most interesting bands I've heard this year. Experience the record up above, and if you wanna put it on your iPod, you can buy it for $5 up there too.

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