09 November 2012

Cemetery Family Band - "Thousand Mile Curse"

Today, I turned on my phone and began reading my emails. The first email I read was a facebook message notification from the man himself, James Kristofik (runner of the amazing label Woozy Tribe). He notified me of the brand new Cemetery Family Band album, released just today for free. Given the insane amount of love I had for the project's s/t LP, needless to say, I was really really excited. And after listening to this almost non stop, my opinions are now ready to be written on the rock tablet that is the internet. Thousand Mile Curse is another amazing and insanely catchy batch of tracks from this band that I'm really loving.

The record starts with "Running Running", a track that really continues the comparisons of the early John Dwyer OCS records. Just a very chill song that opens the LP well. The next track, "Sucka' Pill" might be my favorite track on the album. Incredibly catchy beat, dark and lost acoustic guitar, and very eerie vocals singing vile things. It's songs like this one that really give the band their self proclaimed "psycho-swagger". "Into The Fire" is a very odd folky song, kinda sounds like it's being sung around a campfire. "Focus Mary" has this incredible 60's vibe to it that I really love. "Shrunk Down" has this very memorable and haunting guitar line and even more haunting and echoed vocals that just really feel almost scary. The title track has a great experimental edge to it with these very airy synths, a few horns, reverse effects and these very sour guitar chords. "Siren" is another atmospheric campfire song. "Wholesome Prison" is a track that I definitely wish was much longer, with a very crazy electric piano riff that I could see developing into something other worldly. The track ends in an odd Black Moth Super Rainbow sounding synth and drum beat that I enjoyed, but was confused by at first. I came to love it in the end though. "Connecticut Black Widow" is this very psychotic rock tune, with the normal oddball vocals that the band presents but just ranging all over the place. This distorted guitar helps give the track an extra umph into the wild.

Other than the incredibly short length of this record (going just over 18 minutes), I have really no problems with this LP. This project is, in my opinion, one of the best yet to be discovered gems in the music world. Each song is just so memorable and catchy, and no song ever leaves me disappointed. Whenever this band does something, I'm definitely going to sit down, shut up and listen. You can stream the LP and download it for free up above.

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