28 November 2012

Begonia - "Eagle"

Fresh on the scene French tape label Carpi is one of the latest additions to the Living Room Visions collective of artists and experimental music-purveyors, and their fourth release is a real stunner. A fifteen-minute EP issued on two 1985-vintage reel-to-reels (!!!), 'Eagle' is the latest work of Begonia, a mysterious gent by the name of Liam Overton, whom Carpi CEO Charles Belpois describes as a "native hiker coming straight from the forests of Colorado". Consider my interest piqued!

The tagline is apt, as often the best ambient and experimental music resides in that deliciously hazy intersection where (often damaged) technology collides head-on with visceral, bursting nature. This tape does not disappoint in that respect. Side A is full of eerie swells of reversed tape warble and the occasional dripping synth sparkle, with just the barest, distant hint of a pulsing beat fading in and out of the mix. Side B is more trance-inflected, with a solid dancefloor thump and warm synthpads skipping over a loop of delicate birdsong and wistful, yearning harmonica. The diversity between these two tracks, while retaining similar thematic tendencies, is this EP's strongest selling point. Rather than coming off as a genre experiment, or as the scatter-brained and unsure product of a tentative new artist, these two pieces compliment each other beautifully, two halves of the same inherent whole.

One can be sure that if Carpi continues this new hot streak with releases as strong as Begonia's pastrol tapestry, that we'll be noticing a lot more well-deserved attention around the blog circuit. 'Eagle' is available in a very limited run of 19 copies, so grab yours before it soars irrevocably away. 

23 November 2012

Alcoves - "Alcoves"

For those of you familiar with indie music reviewers like The Needle Drop or Threecreation, you might have come across the videos of 16-year old Mackenzie Keefe. Keefe, or also known under his youtube handle Mackasaur FM, has been releasing videos since the summer of last year and I've been following him for a little while now. Unfortunately though, when it came to his more recent musical exploits, I kinda just passed by them. I just sorta skimmed his debut EP, and I was about to do the same thing with this album. But, I choose to give this Alcoves album a try. And I'm very happy I didn't miss this release.

The album begins with a 2 minute intro, a noisy buildup into the real first track, "Hear No Evil". And "Hear No Evil" is an amazing track. The guitars and drums on the track are just so loud and overblown behind the vocal deliveries that Keefe gives on this track. What he does on the track is really impressive. Tons of very deadpan vocals, but tons of very disturbing and flat monologues that really give this track an extra umph into the crazy. The next track, "Same Time Tomorrow" really sounds like a lovechild between Mewithoutyou and My Bloody Valentine. That's enough to explain why I love this track. "Decay" is this very dark acoustic song that reminds me a bit of various Dan Barrett projects (Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey). His vocals on the track are quite lovely, very far out and almost unreachable through the lairs of white noise, glorious acoustics, and some really soaring guitar solos. The solos on here are really, really emotional and wailing. They just kinda hit home for me. But the next track, "Struggle With Permanence", really destroys the beauty that you had in your head from the previous track. The riff on here is really dark and crunchy, and it just feels like it's turned up to eleven. It's just wild. "Dreamscape" has an AMAZING progression of intensity throughout the song. The further you go along, it's just more and more pounding instrumentation until it just all explodes into one of the best climaxes I've heard this year. I like the improvised guitar on "Interlude", it just feels so somber and chill, but really fits in the album perfectly. "Monuments" is my favorite track on this album, for sure. The guitar line just moves me to the point of tears, why I don't know. It just really gets me perfectly. Keefe's monologue on this track is really something. Look up the lyrics to this track on the bandcamp page. I mean, just wow. It's definitely this albums, and maybe this musical years most interesting monologue. Dang. After that track is "Equilibrate", a very solid piece of rock music. It starts with a very pretty post rock sort of guitar intro and then Mackenzie sings for about a minute. But then, the track just busts into this heavy rock session. It's definitely this album's catchiest point. This album ends off with "The Underbelly", a 7 and a half minute rock call into oblivion. That's my best way of describing it. Everything is just loud, distorted and sonically abusive for the whole time and it doesn't let up. Definitely a very solid closer.

This is album is an interesting, emotional, and raw approach to rock/post-hardcore that I really haven't heard yet. Definitely very original all the way through. Put simply, I loved this LP from start to finish. I'm really glad to see this dude become not only someone I respect as a youtuber, but as a really good musician as well. I'm definitely very excited to hear what he does next. You can hear and download the the whole thing for free for yourself up above, like always.

Fag Cop - "Whimpers From The Pantheon"

Fag Cop is probably one of Lawrence's most interesting bands. They've been through a million and one lineup changes (their last one included XO Pressings mastermind Dan Ohm), released music under multiple names, have almost no online presence, don't do interviews, may or may not be broken up and have played in the infamous Church Of Malt Liquor (the defunct show playing ditch in the side of the road by the train station, video below). And why are all these things true?  We'll never know. This band is really one of those groups just shrouded in mystery, and we'll probably never find out the answers to our questions. But, I do know that the band released an LP earlier this year on tape and vinyl (both sold out), entitled Whimpers From The Pantheon. If you're in the mood for a harsh and dark punk record, this thing is something for you.

On this record, Fag Cop is really on their game. Each track on here is a fairly disturbing lyrical and musical punk trip through wherever Fag Cop wants to take you. Whether they want to show you their rejection of religion ("Nailed It To The Cross") or them on a shoot-em-up drug prowl ("Who's Got The Juice?"), it is their journey through the twisted realms that they are taking you on with them. It's pretty wild. Another thing that I want to point out about this LP is that most the songs are actually fairly catchy. Despite the inaccessibilities in the vocals, production and chord structures, these songs are usually very memorable. Take the first track "Nailed It To The Cross" for example. On this track, the lyrics are kind of vile, and the frontman here goes for a very nasally and snarly vocal delivery. But, the chord progression and almost everything about the song really sticks with me, despite all the darkness. For those not used to music like this, it's definitely a great trait for this LP that helps make it likeable for people other than myself. If you're in the mood for just a whirl and ride of a punk album, definitely give this a listen. I don't think you'll be disappointed. There is download link to the album down below for your pleasure, and also a video of them playing at The Church Of Malt Liquor (for realz). Also, head over to the blog Sunny Cellars for an almost full discography download from Fag Cop and their other names (they did a great job at finding the majority of their releases, props to them).


21 November 2012

WTCHS - "Wet Weapons EP"

For those of you not excited about going to see all of your relatives on Thanksgiving, to cope with that here's a nice little treat from Canada. WTCHS is a 4-piece garage/math rock band, and they have now released their debut EP, Wet Weapons. The 4 tracks on here definitely show a lot of promise and talent for this band whenever they drop their debut full length. Tons of precision, dynamics, and just overall skill really make these guys fairly impressive and memorable.

The EP begins with "Parties Of Three", a very atmospheric punk tune with some pretty heavy and catchy riffage pushing the track along. The vocals on the track are very far out and reverbed, the guitars have some very good and twisting riffs, and the drums are really just pounding. "Adult Crimes", which is the first song dropped from this EP, is a bright and catchy track, kinda a piece of punk sunshine in my opinion. "Hot Mexican" is pretty dark, very heavy and disturbing bass and guitar riffs, and a lot of shouted vocals. It really just echoes through your head while your listening to it. "Barbara" is equally as heaving and brooding as the other track,  and it just ends the EP in the right way so the songs are cemented into your mind.

If you want to check out a brand new rock band that will probably have a lasting impression on you. WTCHS is that band. Memorable, catchy, dynamic, and just pretty darn perfect. I recommend it highly. You can stream the EP up above.

20 November 2012

Tony Falco and Josh Sinton - "Internal Combustion"

I don't really talk about jazz very much on this blog. I don't know why that is. I love the genre quite a bit and listen to it quite a bit. But other than bands like BADBADNOTGOOD and Little Women not much recent jazz music has been really interesting to me. That's why I was very happy to stumble across this new album by Tony Falco and Josh Sinton. On this album, these two musicians create 7 wild tracks of free jazz improvisations. For just two guys, they produce some of the best and most interesting jazz sounds I've heard in a while. The album starts off with "Vibrational Adjustment", a 5 minute slow moving track with all these cymbal movements along with some very deep and bassy clarinet and saxophone. Stinton's horn textures are really something to be marveled at on this track, tons of odd and experimental sounds fly through it and I really can't explain some of them. The next track, the title track, is an 11 minute monster. It all starts off with a very impressive 3 minute drum solo from Tony Falco, it's very reminiscent to things you would hear on a Miles Davis record. Then, Stinton breaks in with his saxophone and they duo just breaks right in. It is very impressive to see the duo string out the song for so long, because I can't imagine the amount of stamina it took to make it. Falco's drumming on the track at some points is just so fast and quick that it's hard to keep up with him. Stinton has some pretty long winded imrpov moments on the sax that just feel like he could pass out any second. It's quite a wild improv track, one that is really sticking with me right now. "Transformation" has much more of a close up on the Stinton's trombone sounds, and he really brings his all for this track.   The sax really just feels like it is wailing at somepoints, which I didn't know bass saxophones could do. "Sagnacity" is definitely the track on this record that feels like it has the most form to it, with a pretty accessible solo from Stinton and not as improvised drums from Falco. The track "Nowhere Now!" however, is the exact opposite. This 10 minute jam is really where the label free jazz fits this album perfectly. The track "Solitude" reminds me of some of Henry Mancini's smoother tracks, just performed by two guys instead of 50. "Any Last Words?", in its total length of 8 minutes, has some very catchy improv moments on it, all lasting short periods of time, but they are definitely some of the catchiest bits that this album has to offer. Internal Combustion is definitely a very original and interesting jazz record. Falco and Stinton's improv skills are very impressive, and they make some really cool and fresh sounds with just bass sax and clarinet and drums. I would recommend this to anyone who's tired of just average jazz that's coming out these days and want something new (along with BBNG, Little Women and Colin Stetson). You can stream and buy this album up above. Also, check out some of Tony Falco's other stuff here, because he has some more really cool projects.

18 November 2012

Nah - "OTHER"

Philly noise master Nah is back with another EP, entitled Other. Just like his previous LP End, Nah continues to make some of the most harsh and noisy beats known to man on this EP. His brutally pounding drums are in full force right next to his very odd and glitchy industrial sample. The song "Vcrhigh" has a very sleak and memorable synth line, and just mind destroying drums. If you like to listen to stuff on full volume, our brain will melt while listening to the explosive sounds Nah creates on the drums. "Select Dead" is a very glitchy track, with a very distorted and harsh noise sample taking the front of the track. "Fed" is an exploration into the really experimental for Nah, with some very weird and mildly disturbing synth samples hat really give the track an extra umph into the insane. "Video Sludge" has probably the most disturbing sample on here: it sounds like a robot trying to sing while he is being stabbed by a masked murderer. It's definitely very hard to forget. "On/Off/Don't" is probably the most accessible track on here. Simple sample, less distortion, and it all adds up to a very good and less permanently scarring way to the EP. Nah definitely continues to be one of the most interesting musical figures floating around right now with this EP. Mind numbing samples, incredibly bombastic and loud drums, and just really explosive musical sounds and ideas are just so up front and in your face that you really have to prepare yourself to listen to him. If you're not ready to take a dive into the bizarre and disturbing, then this EP is not for you. Me personally, I love it. You can stream and download the EP for free up above. Also, check out this brutal footage of Nah playing two songs off of END at Gnarfest in Chicago. Great stuff.


17 November 2012

Marie Avery - "If You've Got Time"

For the past two years, Marie Avery has been working on finishing her first EP, and it's almost here. But until that happens, she's given us a debut single, "If You've Got Time". And this track does has set my expectations fairly high for the EP when it comes out. This track, coming in at almost 4 minutes, is a very beautiful piece of music. The opening parts of the track have Marie just with her voice and her piano, singing about wanting someone to come over before they leave. I really like it. The piano melody is very memorable and instantaneously catchy. The producers that Marie chose really fleshed this track out as it goes along. Tons of backup vocals, bass, some light sitars at one point, various synths, and some glorious strings. I love the huge Queen style breakout this song has towards the end with huge reverbed drums and all of the instrumentation just swelling behind Marie's voice. If you love 60's style songs of people like Queen and The Beatles but with a very pretty female vocal, you'll love this track. Actually change that: if you just want to have a nice heartwarming track, you'll love it. You can give it a listen and download up above. We will put up the EP when it comes out for you guys, for sure.

Dark Blue Dark Green - "Dark Blue Dark Green"

Dark Blue Dark Green is a 2-piece band of brothers coming to us from the beautiful town of Columbia, MO. Between the two of them, they create some of the most interesting avant-garde/experimental rock and jazz songs I've heard in a while. The very odd latin tinged vocals, the wild saxophones, the jazzy bass, occasional and interesting synths and guitars and odd tempo and tune changes are enough to make this album the band's self titled debut LP an enthralling ride from start to finish. The album starts off with "Your Lack Of Shame", right after a brief synth blip intro, goes right into a very interesting experimental jazz fusion song. If you don't like this song, you probably aren't gonna like the other songs on this album either. It really sets the album's odd mood perfectly. "Control" is a very interesting math rock inspired song with TONS of tempo changes and just changes in general. At around the 3 minute mark, the tracks goes into this weird manic tangent that is equal parts confusing and enjoyable. "On Ocean's Cliff" really showcases this band's sort of avant garde tendencies, particularly in the extra instrumentation and vocals. "Jack" is a very slow and progressive song that gets more and more interesting the further you get into it. "Big Boots" is kind of an accessible treat for those who were easily scared off by the other tracks. "Red Truck" is a very interesting experimental/fusion song that has tons of out of tune and wild saxophones and some very blippy synthscapes towards the end. "Gallip, Jesus, Gallup" begins with very noisy guitars and then ends with an slow moving post rock acoustic ballad. "This is the Feel" evolves into one of this album's most emotion fueled songs, starting with very dreary vocal loops accompanied by drum and bass, eventually turning into a loud rock jam. "Flip The Tape" is a kind of post-rock sounding song, with these very overpowering and pretty guitars matched up behind the constantly changing vocals. If you really want a wild ride of a record and of a band, check out Dark Blue Dark Green. This album may sort of be all over the place, but for me, the constant twists and turns this album sends you just make it more and more interesting. I really never knew what was going to happen next while listening to it, and that's really what I loved about it. Dark Blue Dark Green might be one of the most interesting bands I've heard this year. Experience the record up above, and if you wanna put it on your iPod, you can buy it for $5 up there too.

16 November 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Destroy Nate Allen, FBS and Sneaky Creeps @ Wonder Fair

Sunday Funday: Destroy Nate Allen stop in LFK
A few weeks ago, Portland natives Destroy Nate Allen stopped at the Wonder Fair art gallery on one of their final US tours for a long time. The husband and wife folk punk duo played with Ohio 3 piece classic punk band FBS and KC's own Sneaky Creeps. And while the crowd was incredibly small, that didn't stop Destroy Nate Allen, FBS and Sneaky Creeps from making this one of my favorite shows from this year so far.
Sneaky Creeps

Sneaky Creeps is one of those rare bands I've actually seen a few times. It's always a pleasure to see them do one of their rare performances in Lawrence. Tons of loud punk screams and shouts from frontman Andrew Eredich, punchy drums from Max Crutcher, and tons of weird and interesting post punk twists and turns, I really enjoy this band live. There was a really cool kind of post rock style song they had that I really, really liked. They also had some very interesting looping thrown in there. It was all a great way to start off the night.

Next on the bill was another on-the-road bands, FBS. They are a 3 piece punk band that's been around for almost 10 years now. Bringing up amps that were almost as tall as themselves, FBS treated the small art gallery space to a raging set of crusty punk tunes. They were pretty funny too, constantly joking with each other and taking breaks between songs. The deep growls from guitarist Josh Detty and bassist Nate Shumaker and intense drumming from newest member Russell Ott really make each song a wild ride of punk fury. Definitely a band to check out if there ever in your area. 

Destroy Nate Allen
At around 9, Destroy Nate Allen called everybody in the gallery to stand around them in a circle. What happened next was one of the funnest shows I've ever seen. Nate and Tessa Allen gathered the crowd around and bounced back and forth to each audience member, singing songs about coffee, the internet and love. It was really a unique experience, something you really don't get from a lot of bands these days. The songs were incredibly catchy and fun, and matched the fast movements and energy of the duo perfectly. Tessa broke out a paper jamz guitar at one point. No joke. Nate also began switching everyones glasses. And they also had everyone crowd-surf me for putting the show together. It was just so much fun, everyone at Wonder Fair was smiling ear to ear. It might be a while, but I'm definitely gonna be ready the next time these guys come through here. And next time, I'm bringing everyone I know. 

10 November 2012

Monster Bad - "Chlorine"

Monster Bad is the musical outlet for 16 year old Chris Graci. He released his debut EP last year, and this is his 3rd official EP since then, Chlorine. Now Chlorine is a collection of 6 tracks of very solid acoustic singer/songwriter songs. The first track on here, "White Dress", is a very simplistic and bear but beautiful acoustic track, just simply Chris and his guitar, and an occasional group vocal will pop in. I really love this tracks simplicity, no unnecessary effects are put into the track to make it more emotional, because it really doesn't need them. It's pretty interesting. The 2nd track "I Can't Think/Call The Moon" is definitely a very interesting song. The first part is a very atmospheric campfire song that feels like Chris is singing right into a forest. The second part is a progression into a very nice and pretty acoustic and drum track. "Bad Man, Bad Animal" has some very interesting lyrics behind it and some rough distorted guitars float in the background of the track towards the end. "In Silence" kinda reminds me of a OCS/Cemetery Family Band track with a more folk twinge. "Chlorine" is what Monster Bad songs would sound like behind a full band. And I really like it. It's a very nice folk punk sound. "Love/Cholera" is easily this EP's best track. "Love" is a very atmospheric and calm track with this very fragile acoustic guitar that really just fits perfectly behind Chris's very hazy and deep vocal delivery on the song. "Cholera" sounds like a lo-fi hidden track demo, and it is very likeable. The whole thing sounds very distorted with tape fuzz, and it's quite interesting. It definitely ends the EP off right. While I don't think that Monster Bad is going to become the next Bon Iver, he definitely has created a very nice and memorable EP. I'll definitely be excited when this guy drops his next project. He did a very nice job here. You can download and stream it up above.

Young Holidays - "Young Holidays EP"

Young Holidays is a band from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. This is their debut EP, which came out in September. I can definitely say that this is definitely a project to keep an eye on in the future. This debut EP is a very fun and brief 4 track collection of very fun garage pop/rock. The first track "Saturdays" is just a very nice hazy rock song that introduces the EP perfectly. "Pretender" is a very fun, bouncy and catchy track with very memorable distorted vocals that really make the track sound great. "Classics" is a much more emotion filled tune, with a great explosion of guitar and drums towards the mid section of it. I can definitely see fans of maybe bands like Titus Andronicus or maybe even Japandroids really liking this song. "Diamonds" is a very warm indie rock song. Tons of emotive vocals from the band's frontman Max Holiday really make the track something very pretty. His voice on this track is incredible. The track also has a very ambient synth floating around most of the track that I find very enjoyable. While this EP is fairly quick, with just 4 tracks, I do find myself really enjoying what I'm hearing on here. When Young Holidays drop a full length record, I'm definitely going to listen . But for now, we have this EP. And it's a great place to start for this band. You can stream and download the EP right up there as always.

09 November 2012

NYKDLN - "Post Radio"

NYKDLN is the very prolific project of a Pennsylvania musician. I have yet to do an article on any of his music, and I'm not sure why, considering the fact I've been loving his releases for awhile. But, I thought that this new album, Post Radio, after listening to it, would be a great place to start. Post Radio is easily one of 2012's most ambitious and interesting LPs, for sure. On the 17 tracks on this album (which include 3 songs passing the 10 minute mark, one almost breaking 30 minutes),  NYKDLN puts together harsh noisescapes of radio interviews, warped tape recordings, and ear demolishing drones. This is a record is definitely not easy to digest, but I'm am amazed by it.

The album begins with "Welcome to the 96 Transom", an this odd trip through radio clicks and a what might be a payphone. It's very off putting, with this odd monotone man on the phone, and your never sure quite what he's talking about. Lots of harsh noise drones, various tape sounds and samples liter the second half of the track very eerily. It starts this LP off perfectly. "2 BR" is a very odd sort of flipbook of sounds and songs. All very distorted and physically altered. This track also gives us the first taste of one of this LP's sort of themes: religion. The track has a very daint and quite TV interview with a pastor going on. You hear tons of stuff like that popping up through out this album. I always find the interviews very interesting, they seem to give the album some sort of storyline. I don't know. But, the next track, "10 To The Trillionth Free Radicals" is a 30 minute sound collage that is really something. Zipping in every direction you can imagine, this track really makes you just get lost in its mass of sounds. There is just so much on the track, that it almost does constitute its massive length. "Poison Tape Inside" sounds like a 1980s pop song played through an FX unit and just played and altered to whatever point NYKDLN wants. "Slo No" is another towering song, coming in at just under 20 minutes. This track really is not the sound collage tracks that you've experienced so far from this album, but more of just pure harsh drone noise song. It's really a hard track to get through, with tons of loud and brutally shredding moments. Man. It's really something to just kind of gawk at in amazement. "LOLOLOLO" is a brief 1 minute song sampling what seems to be some kind of old fashioned march music, just very altered and sped up. "Recchi" is a very odd and warped trip through a ton of just mind melting samples. Shredding doorways of new sounds are what you must go through on this shorter song, and it's worth it, but you may not comeback. "The Limiter" is based on mainly a single progressing sample throughout the song, and it sounds perfect. "ETR" is this delay and echo ridden interview compilation that goes on for 13 full minutes, and it is an incredibly trippy ride. Altered and delayed voices, often with harsh noise surrounding it. It's intense. "If They Only Played Once" has a great warping punk sample in it. "Jenkins Quadrat" is a noisy, knob twisting sort of track. Loads of drones, pitches altered, button switching, and even a brief Ke$ha sample are all on this 13 minute track. "Do Not Apply To God" is a repeating interview with a priest with looping on random parts over and over. It's a bit torturous at points, but very innovative as far as samples go. "My Idea" is a tampered with rock song that bounces with effects all over the place. The next two tracks are more knob twisting sample based short pieces. "Speculator 96 Jackson" will kind of be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for less patient listeners. It's a brief and fun sample of a pop song that will please fans of 18 Carat Affair and Diskette Romances. It's a nice and quick way to end a monsterous album.

This album, like I said earlier, is easily one of 2012's most ambitious projects to be released. The record really makes on rethink what a sample based record is. Is it a record made up of found beats and hooks? Or can samples be used for way more than that? NYKDLN proves that with Post Radio. It's very rare a record like this comes along. Let us cherish it. You can stream and download the record up above, and order the double cassette from Sunup Recordings right here.

Cemetery Family Band - "Thousand Mile Curse"

Today, I turned on my phone and began reading my emails. The first email I read was a facebook message notification from the man himself, James Kristofik (runner of the amazing label Woozy Tribe). He notified me of the brand new Cemetery Family Band album, released just today for free. Given the insane amount of love I had for the project's s/t LP, needless to say, I was really really excited. And after listening to this almost non stop, my opinions are now ready to be written on the rock tablet that is the internet. Thousand Mile Curse is another amazing and insanely catchy batch of tracks from this band that I'm really loving.

The record starts with "Running Running", a track that really continues the comparisons of the early John Dwyer OCS records. Just a very chill song that opens the LP well. The next track, "Sucka' Pill" might be my favorite track on the album. Incredibly catchy beat, dark and lost acoustic guitar, and very eerie vocals singing vile things. It's songs like this one that really give the band their self proclaimed "psycho-swagger". "Into The Fire" is a very odd folky song, kinda sounds like it's being sung around a campfire. "Focus Mary" has this incredible 60's vibe to it that I really love. "Shrunk Down" has this very memorable and haunting guitar line and even more haunting and echoed vocals that just really feel almost scary. The title track has a great experimental edge to it with these very airy synths, a few horns, reverse effects and these very sour guitar chords. "Siren" is another atmospheric campfire song. "Wholesome Prison" is a track that I definitely wish was much longer, with a very crazy electric piano riff that I could see developing into something other worldly. The track ends in an odd Black Moth Super Rainbow sounding synth and drum beat that I enjoyed, but was confused by at first. I came to love it in the end though. "Connecticut Black Widow" is this very psychotic rock tune, with the normal oddball vocals that the band presents but just ranging all over the place. This distorted guitar helps give the track an extra umph into the wild.

Other than the incredibly short length of this record (going just over 18 minutes), I have really no problems with this LP. This project is, in my opinion, one of the best yet to be discovered gems in the music world. Each song is just so memorable and catchy, and no song ever leaves me disappointed. Whenever this band does something, I'm definitely going to sit down, shut up and listen. You can stream the LP and download it for free up above.

04 November 2012

Nah - "END"

Nah is one of the more recent projects added to amazing Woozy Tribe collective. This collective has spawned some of our favorite artists from the last year or so, like Trash Kids, Cemetery Family Band, Show Your Teeth, Messed Up Coyote and Body Cheetah. Now, we have Nah and his latest beat tape, END. This is definitely not Nah's first rodeo however; he released his first beat tape Tapef**k in February and a demo EP last year. This is our personal introduction to him though. And man. If you love just innovative, weird, and lo-fi beats, you'll love this record. The album begins with "Stomachguts", a very odd feedbacky and lo-fi track with a very memorable synth sample hook and tons of noise to support it. It's very bizarre, but at the same time quite catchy. "F*** you too" is a basically minute long free jazz drum solo. "Duh" is a quite a song, with an insanely catchy hook of synths and looped and edited drums that literally just feel cut up from another song put into the track. "Brain Chips" may or may not begin with a sample from the noise section of The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt's collaborative song, but it quickly changes into this very smooth beat track that involves some knob twisting I believe. "Quickdrip" sounds like a sample of an old gangster rap beat on repeat. I like the very odd tremelo'ed synths on "slowdrip", they just give the song an element of experimental music to it. "Who Kill" has a very mutated guitar sample and these banging distorted drums that really just sort of sound like the person playing them must've busted a snare doing it. Tosn of more noise really help make the track crazy awesome. "Space swamp" is very brief but awesome experimental track, kinda reminding me of Agent X12. "Difficult" has a great catchy beat for sure. "Sad Bad" sounds like the drums have had a reverse effect put on them and are really enhanced when put behind the tracks equally odd and reversed synth line. "Hell in Hell" sounds like Zach Hill or someone like that put together a beat and just sort of mutilated it with distortion and editing. It's pretty crazy and even though it would normally just get repetitive, the track actually is fairly entrancing for almost the whole time. "allfather" is a very pretty short ambient piece. "Mang Tang" feels like the soundtrack to having a seizure. "Dark S**t"is another sort of free jazz drum improv track. "Mostly Hate" has a weird effect put on the drums that feels very odd and interesting, along with a some very blippy synths. The whole track ends in a noisy and blurry mess that I can't quite decipher. "Severed" is a loud and bombastic noise piece. "Bile" is a very odd little track, tons of various noises, simple beat, and a lot of odd and disturbing synths that lead into the next track "Total Death". That track is a just a totally sour assembly of church bells that just lead down into a noise purgatory. "Pluie" is a swirling noise piece that kind of growls in your face. "End" is a very nice ambient beat track. "Tech Support" makes full use of Nah's beats and has rapper Nnamandi Ogbonnya rap on the track. It really shows how interesting of a rap producer Nah could be, and it ends off the LP just in the funnest and most awesome way possible. This tape is definitely one of the most interesting things I've heard all year. Lo-fi, noisy, ambient, and just experimental sounds and beats that but the majority of beat records that have come out this year to shame. It's a pretty big punch in the face to the pretty and well produced beat makers that are around these days. If you want something that is different, new, and mildly bizarre, I highly recommend this record. Stream it and download it for free up above as always.

Redrick Sultan - "Trolling For Answers"

Redrick Sultan is a group from the beautiful city of Vancouver. This is their latest record, Trolling For Answers. It was released in January. There are 17 tracks on this record, and as far as genres go, I'm unsure how to label it. There are elements of prog, jazz, funk, comedy, experimental, and electronic music, all on this album. It's really quite something. The album starts with the very fun and bouncy "Dance Of The Trilobytes", a track infected with tons of synthesizers and organs that remind me a little bit of carnival music. "Time Travel" is a drone interlude with very dark sci-fi bleeps and bloops all over the place. "Dinosaurs" made me laugh really hard. With the hook "Dinosaurs! Motherf***in' dinosaurs! Oh Yeah!", how could I not! The track has these hazy electric pianos and saxophones that really fit perfectly into the track. "People" is definitely a very complicated little song, tons of instrumentation and vocals everywhere really make the track a beauty. "For Ire" is a beautiful acoustic track. "Law And Order" is very simple, just 2 minutes of cellos and strings, but despite the simplicity, it's a very pretty and beautiful track. "Morningwood ft. Panax" is a funky little tune with Panax rapping about his suburban community of Morningwood. "Sandcheek" has a very fun latin and jazz fusion vibe to it that I found enjoyable. "Three Rabbits Walk Into A Bar" is very solid. Klinky pianos, group vocals, strings, you can just really feel the song fitting in the setting of a 1930's western saloon. "Angus' Head Wound" is Miles Davis style improv song that I really love. If you love Bitches Brew and Get Up With It, you'll love this song. "Dahlin" is another simple and pretty acoustic track. "The Minkler" has some unmistakable jazz horns mixed very beautifully with acoustics and strings. "Trolling For Answers" is a minute long piece of fun. "Giraffe Food ft. Panax" has a really great jazz progression on it and another rap from Panax. The tracks mood sorta changes when he starts, but I still enjoy it quite a bit. I see his rap going behind an early Eminem beat. "Genesis Explosion" is a sort of musical/broadway style song. "Clouds" is a very pretty orchestral song. It ends off the LP very well.

While as a whole, Redrick Sultan is definitely all over the place on this record, the vibes of fun that I got from it really overtook any gripes that I had while listening to the record. So much musicianship between the members and just.... fun. I'm really enjoying this record, and I'm really hoping to catch them on their upcoming winter tour in the US. You can stream and buy the record right up there, as always. :) Dance a little.

The Foreign Films - "Sweet Sorrow/You Were My Summer Sun"

Hailing from Canada, The Foreign Films is an up and coming rock indie rock project. Their latest release, the single "Sweet Sorrow" is a glorious Beatles influenced psych tune that will make you want to dance. Spanning to almost 5 minutes, the band packs as much as they can in to the song, with tons of tempo changes, various instrumentation (tons of violins, cellos, pianos) and very pretty vocals. There are tons of very psychedelic and 60's style guitars that I could see coming out right of Abbey Road. The song is definitely worth checking out if you're into a throwback style rock tune. The hooks on this song are incredibly catchy, for sure. You will be able to remember them for a long time. I highly recommend a good listen or 5. You can download the song a long with its B-side "You Were My Sun" (also great) right up above.