19 October 2012

The Plums - "Nixon's Mess"

Straight out of the nations capital, here is the newest record from longtime noise/no-wave band The Plums. Apparently, these guys have been around for 10 years, and this is the first I've ever heard of them, and I think a lot of people still haven't heard these guys. Which is a shame, because these guys are excellent. Very odd and excellent sort of free jazz mixed with noise rock, plus elements of noise improv. Their latest record, Nixon's Mess, is a very short record at just 32 minutes (and very short in comparison to their record from last year, the 2x LP The White LP), but it still manages to pack a punch. This LP is a half hour of loud noise rock jams with the best twists and turns you could want. Tons of odd little noises make themselves appear into the track and take it into a whole new place. The rock moments on this LP feel very loud and jammed out. The rock jam parts are also quite repetitive, but have a very interesting nature despite their repetition. The drones of noise and feedback this band uses often in their tracks are spectacles, just intense and drawn out noise being hammered into your brain, until they just disappear. It's definitely a record to experience for yourself. The album is streaming up above and a limited edition cassette is available via Prison Art here.

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