13 October 2012

The Meets - "Even When The Time Comes EP"

Here's some good stuff!

I would like to bring all of your attention to the upcoming EP from The Meets. The band, spearheaded by musician Brandon Locher, is releasing their newest EP Even When My Times Comes this tuesday. We got a pre-listen to the EP, and let's just say this: ya'll need to mark your calendars. This EP is an amazing piece of experimental, occasionally funky free noise jazz. The EP, along with Brandon, had 10 other musicians on board, allowing twice as much room for new and interesting sounds to find there way into the mix. Whether a track is a piece of noise improv or some experimental jazz fusion, the EP just has an interesting way of getting all of the instruments to be up close and center. I really don't want to spoil the whole thing for you, you will just have to find out on Tuesday. But, right now, Brandon has dropped 2 tracks from the EP, the title track and the music video for the track "Disorient". It will indeed be enough to hold you over until then. It's quite good. Both tracks are streaming above and below [thought I'd switch it up]. I will post the full EP the day it comes out or all of you. It will be coming out on the wonderful label My Kind Of Fun so you can digitally download it all that you want. Like I said, mark you calendars!!!!

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