06 October 2012

The Dirty Nil - "Little Metal Baby Fist 7 inch"

A few months ago, we reported on California's The Dirty Nil's Summer Mixtape. A few months later, they've released a brand new 7". The Little Metal Baby Fist 7" is 3 tracks of the finest punk rock under the sun right now. The EP starts off with the title track, a blistering piece of catchy punk fury that sort of reminds me of a much less thinly produced early Green Day (Insomniac-era). "Hate Is A Stone" is easily my favorite track on this 7". The beginning kinda reminds me of the old White Stripes song "Sister, Do You Know My Name?", and then the track just breaks into an emotional whirlwind of thick and loud guitars, fuzzy bass, great drums, and very emotive vocals from the bands lead singer and backup vocals from the other members. It's definitely the track on this EP I will remember firmly in my head for a while. It's just so good. The band ends off the 7" on a frickin' David Bowie cover. DAVID BOWIE. And that cover is a great punk version of the song "Moonage Daydream". It's a very great way to end off the EP. The Dirty Nil definitely has stepped up their game with this 7" from a band that I enjoyed into a band that I love. It's just rock and punk in it's purest form. The whole 7" is streaming and available for free download right up there as always. Plus, the 7" is available for ordering over at their bandcamp page.

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