23 October 2012

Radar Defender - "Satellites And Airports"

Radar Defender is a Lawrence 4 piece rock band. After playing shows for consistently for a few years now, they have not dropped their debut record, Satellites And Airports. And after reviewing an incredibly disturbing metal/hardcore record, I though you all might want to have some fun. Radar Defender's debut is a very fun and nerdy indie rock release. Lyrics that talk a ton about space, spaceships, and aliens sung in the very hazy vocals of Scott Burr and Korie Johnson over some very fun distorted guitar and bass, occasionally accompanied by some really nice synths. The track "Moon" starts off the LP, it's a very catchy song that properly sets up the rest of the album for you. I love how slow the track "Escape And Re-Entry", a track that talks about space travel under these very melancholy guitars, and then the track explodes with a distorted bass chorus. I like how oddly sort of gloomy the song feels. "Simian Rocks" is a track I believe about aliens. Maybe I'm wrong, but even if I am, the tracks electronics and overall sound kinda reminds me of a Black Moth Super Rainbow song, particularly during the instrumental part. "Visible Man" has a very dainty electronic intro of vocals, synths and sequenced up tuned drums before it bursts into a wave of distortion. "Sun On The Street" has a sort of shoegazy country feel to it. "Icarus" has some wonderfully plucked acoustic guitars and blippy synths opening before starting into a very fun indie electronica song with a great fuzz bass line, and ends with those really pretty acoustics that I enjoyed a lot on the beginning of the track. "Cactus Splinters" is a very rockin' track with an interesting chord structure to it that wouldn't normally work, but these guys do it just right. "Animal" has this lovely guitar plucked melody with Scott singing to begin it, and it sounds excellent. The track quickly progresses into a very shoegazy rock song that isn't my favorite on the LP, but definitely an enjoyable song. "Light Headed" has these very entertaining 8-bit drums and a sort of post rock ending. The song "Wet Blanket" is a loud fuzzy and emotive rock song that just rocks it out for 5 whole minutes, and surprisingly it doesn't get boring even though a lot of rock songs can get very boring when stretched over 3 minutes. It ends of this LP just perfectly. If you're looking for a nice boat load of fuzzy, nerdy, shoegazy, and energetic rock music, give this thing a listen. You'll enjoy yourself. Stream and buy up above. :)

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