21 October 2012

Lost Trail - "Traumatic Attachments"

We love our brothers and sisters in the Living Room Visions collective. I have almost never been disappointed with a project to come out of that group. One of the many bands in the group that I love is the band Lost Trail. The husband and wife duo of Zach and Denny Corsa reside in Burlington, North Carolina and have been making music for the project since 2010. The very prolific band has had a big year, with about 7 brand new records (not even the end of the year yet :O), numerous splits, photography projects and a feature length film. Unfortunately, Zach has is battling with a bout of Tinnitus and the groups output may slow for just a little until he gets better. So before that happens, I'd like you all to give a listen to the duo's soundtrack for their film Traumatic Attachments. The movie, released to youtube in 5 parts along with the soundtrack in August, is a un-narrated ride showing videos of the odd and interesting broken down industrial landscape of Burlington. It's very simplistic, but quite pleasing. As for the soundtrack that plays behind the film, oh man. If you are looking for some of the best ambient and drone music currently in the musical spectrum, listen to this soundtrack. It's 5 parts go everywhere from very harsh and dark noisescapes to very pretty and beautiful post rock. The first track on here, "Industry", begins with a very beautiful ambient atmosphere of soaring vocals and electronics. The track like this for about 10 minutes until it just sort of stops and you get all this drone noise and various samples of pianos and guitars that definitely go very well when paired with the film. "Motion" is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is quite harsh and dark. Very bleak drones begin the track and around the 6 and a half minute mark the track sort of bursts into much louder guitar drones that really just sink into your brain. "Sprawl" is a track that goes in tons of twists and turns. Some very harsh noise drones, pretty synthesizers, tons of more harsh noise, and all sorts of darkness. With it's 19 minute length, I think it definitely has to be that way to keep the listener interested and focused. The next track "Ghosts" has these larger than life choir style vocals opening the track, and then these very haunting sounds overtake the track and just really wreck your mind. "Wilderness" ends of the soundtrack on the right note with this very great folk vibe,  eventually developing into a very lo-fi atmosphere of nature sounds and very tampered with guitar sounds. I personally loved this thing from front to back. Lost Trail's similarities to bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Soundtrack's To The Blind-era Swans are most obvious and apparent on this soundtrack and just excellent. These guys know how to pull off very great and dark atmospheres perfectly. If you love harsh noise, drones, and ambient music, you'll love this thing. It's pretty great. If you would like to watch the film, go here and the soundtrack as always is streaming right up there. Enjoy!!

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