08 October 2012

Local News - "Channel 8"

Channel 8 cover art


Here's a nice little treat. If you're into jazz sampling music, you're going to love this new Local News LP Channel 8. It is 9 very short tracks of the finest jazz samples around, just executed flawlessly. Each track has interesting little twists and turns that I really love. "Tonights Special Guest" is a very smooth jazz oriented song that kinda reminds me of a Madvillian beat. "After Hours" is a just an awesome use of a classical jazz sound. "This Is Channel 8 Signing Off" I think is funny sort of elevator music song. "Snow" is a sort of tampered with jazz guitar/piano song that sounds like some had this song on vinyl and sort of warped it. This is definitely a very interesting LP to listen too, and a pretty fun one. It might just be because I just go gaga over jazz and jazz samples, but I do think this is a very interesting and fun album. Definitely give it a listen and download right up there.

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