06 October 2012

Heartscape Landbreak - "Long Live The Dead EP"

As far as live bands go, one of the best acts I've seen is definitely Heartscape Landbreak. Half beautiful post rock, half blistering indie rock, Heartscape Landbreak is actually the only band I've ever seen play three times, and I've loved them every single time. So, I got pretty excited when I heard they were releasing a new EP/zine this year. After a long time of waiting, I made a mad dash over to the Love Garden release show to get a copy. Definitely some money well spent.

The EP starts off with what is probably one of my favorite songs to come out this year "The Prairie As A Sea". This song is one of those songs that I've just made a huge emotional connection with. It's incredibly beautiful, and after about 3 minutes of building guitars and drums, the track explodes into this huge wall of screaming guitars and fuzzy bass. And after that wall dies down, the track goes into another pretty explosion of abstract lyricism ("in my past life, I was a buffalo") and eventually a torrential downpour of guitar and drums. I just really love this track. I don't know why, but I just really do. The next track, "Oh Sara, You Setting Sun", is a very familiar track if you've followed or listened to Heartscape before this EP, considering it was on a compilation of unreleased tracks the band released a bit earlier in the year I believe, but it's still nice to see the track here, because it is a great song. "Rain Rain Rain" is the only track I was actually unfamiliar with from seeing the band live. It's a very somber piece, sort of sleepy and tired feeling. With all of the extra instrumentation popping in and out, the track feels more like a composition than any of the other tracks on here. "Seed Song" ends off the EP, the track used for the bands split with Hospital Ships, a very great track that I remember very fondly from seeing the band live recently. While it is a really short song, it still packs a nice emotional punch in it's 3 minute span. Tons of more abstract lyrics ("A monument built from your marrow") and a very memorable hook help fuel the track into one of those songs you just want more of.

While I did almost know every single track on this EP from seeing the band live, I definitely still really loved listening to it. These guys just know how to make some beautiful music that really grows on me with each listen. Highly recommended listening. But, definitely see the band live if you can too. Great live. The EP is streaming and available for buying up above. Buy the limited edition zine over here, if you're into that kinda thing.

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