05 October 2012

Folkicide - "A Night At The Opera"

For those of you wondering, yes. The cover art is what you think it is. KC lo-fi folk rock band Folkicide has released a full length cover album of Queen's classic LP "A Night At The Opera". And as a huge fan of that record, I can honestly say Folkicide could not have made a more interesting and odd cover album. Each song is an oddly lo-fi, bombasticly produced burst of acoustic energy. Folkicide's very odd vocal delivery make each track seem incredibly interesting. The acoustics on the album have this wonderful lo-fi texture to them. Zach Turner and Jonathan Brokaw (Puffs or Plumes? and All Blood) add some great extra instrumentation, popping up through the album (drums, wall percussion, organ, various synths, banjo). There's even a brief trombone solo on the track "Seaside Rendevous" from Michael Walker, and that is pretty awesome. As far as cover re-interpretations, Folkicide definitely made one the most original cover records I've ever listened too. It takes a lot of skill to make an absolute classic into your own style, and Folkicide did that. Impressive work. I really don't wanna go through tracks individually, because I want you guys to go listen to them for yourself. The album is streaming right up there and also available for download too. so you can do that. Because I <3 you guys.

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