07 October 2012

FAVRTSM - "Sun... Soon"

It's no secret over here at MTYMNHKA we love FAVRTSM. His debut LP Tape I is definitely one of our favorite albums from this year so far. After about 4 months since his last official release, the madman himself has released an EP, entitled Sun... Soon. On this EP, you have 6 tracks of some more wonderful lo-fi and roaring piano improvisations. Rafael's improvisations on this EP continue to be very interesting doorways into paranormal realms of music.The thing that I love that he begins experimenting with a little more with on this EP is just how manic and wild his improvisations can get. The track "Decay"  is just crazy, with Rafael just absolutely pounding the keys. ".WAVcrest (Friends)" is a very noisy jam, getting so loud that Raf's mic sounds like it's about to just give out from exhaustion. "Call and Response" doesn't feel like it has a particular planned direction at all, but the pure insanity of it make it one of the most interesting tracks on the EP. "... Soon (Fur A Lease)" is sort of what it sounds like, actually basing part of it's improv of the classic piano piece "Fur A Lease". Quite an interesting thing to listen to there. While this EP isn't quite Tape I, FAVRTSM definitely still is making some of what I consider the most interesting and raw music out of there on the internet right now. Definitely give it a listen up above and maybe download it to your iPod, like I always do.

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