15 October 2012

Diskette Romances - "Keys To The Suite"

Eric McGuigan is a 23 year old living in the beautiful state of Maryland. He alone runs the musical project Diskette Romances. Just recently, he dropped his second LP under this moniker, Keys To The Suite. And just like his last LP (self titled on Sunup Recordings, stream over here), Diskette Romances makes a very fun and short album of quirky 70s smooth jazz samples. Coming in at just 15 minutes, this album is just short enough for the mildly cheesy samples not to get to cheesy, but also it's short enough just to the point where I want a little more. "Champagne In Hong Kong" is probably my favorite track with just a very smooth lounge feel to it. "Emerson J. Banks" has a sample that I really enjoy a lot. "Leaving You" is a very atmospheric and somber soundscape that is probably one of the most interesting and different track on the record. If you want a somber, nice little sample album that is just quite pleasant to listen to, definitely give this a listen. Eric has put the LP for free on mediafire for your enjoyment here.

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