15 October 2012

Cerce - "Cerce"

Here's some music we love.

Cerce is a Boston female fronted punk band who is really becoming one of my favorite new bands out there. They play very intense, disturbing and mosh worthy hardcore songs, with vocals that almost overtake every track. The front woman in this band just has  ear shreddingly high pitched screams and yells that really gives Cerce's music an extra push into the dark realm of music. You can tell when she is just shouting at the top of her lungs, and you feel like it is directly fired at you, like you are the person she is screaming at. When doesn't scream, she seems to talk in this very quick and schizophrenic voice that is incredibly dark. This new EP of theirs is self titled, and out via multiple record labels on a 7" (which I'm hoping to buy soon). I bought one of the final copies of their Tour Sampler CD-R, which I adored, so I knew I was gonna get pretty excited for this EP. And it did not disappoint me.

The EP begins off with "Mare", a very dark and brooding intro track that just builds and builds. It's a very dark entree for what's going to come. "Mare" goes right into "Weary", a track that was on their Tour Sampler CD-R, as is the next track "Choices". Both tracks didn't really do much for me because I'd already heard them, but it was nice to see them show up here with some better production. "Concussion" is another ver dark and brooding slow song with an incredibly violent end to it. "Libel" is a very quick and short song that is pretty dang intense. "Fornication" is Cerce's longest track to date. It's the equivalent of Swans' "The Apostate" on The Seer. You just see stars falling out of the sky and buildings falling over and trees being ripped out the ground. It's intense.

I don't know how many times I said intense in this review, but it's definitely the best way to describe this EP. Just intense waves of sounds, drums and screams that I love listening to. It's just so loud and disturbing that I can't help but just sit down, shut up, and listen to the sonic murder that's happening in front of me. This is definitely very great release. It's available for you to stream right above. Just turn your headphones down, or have your ears blown.

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