06 October 2012

Black Cows - "s/t"

It's getting cold. At least in Kansas. It's sweatshirt weather. To help you all get past the freezing weather, here's the debut release from Connecticut 4 piece Black Cows. This is not really my first experience with the band considering one of their members is one of favorite singer/songwriters from this year, GoldenDawgs. So, when I found out he was one of the members, I knew I had to give it a good listen. This album is a very quick and short 6 song debut that I'm quite pleased with, and I think you will be too. Black Cows have a very nice a fun indie rock vibe that is very warming and happy. The album begins with "Kite Flight", a very solid opener about being taken away to another land via kite. The song has some very great guitar solo's and vocals that are very quite nice. "Super You" is much more of a rocker. It's got some distorted guitars and some bullhorn vocals that make the track very danceable. "Dream Of Today" kinda has a Beatles vibe goin' on in my opinion. "Porcelain (Pts. 1 and 2)" end off the album perfectly. They feel like much larger and fleshed out versions of something off GoldenDawgs first LP. While I do think that this album isn't quite a new or original take on indie rock, it's definitely a very fun take that I enjoy very much each time I listen to it. It's definitely a record to get over the cold with. You can stream and download the album right up there. It's a fun one.

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