02 October 2012

Bare Pale - "I Never Could"

Here's a nice little treat from the UK. Bare Pale is a British duo who's currently working on their debut EP. And right now, we have the first single from the EP, entitled "I Never Could". Now, if you're wanting some fuzzy, distorted and slow moving lo-fi rock to sort of ease you into the fall season, this is definitely something to check out. The track has these great distorted and booming drums, loud and overpowering guitar that contains tons of fuzz, very somber bass vocals from the band's frontman. The track is at the same time very loud and bombastic while at the same time very calming and relaxing. The track definitely is what lo-fi garage rock is all about. If this track is a pre-cursor of what's to come, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Bare Pale as they move in on their EP. The track is streaming and downloading up there.

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