13 October 2012

Ambulants - "Well Wishes"

I hope it is well known that we do like our rock music. Especially rock that has a very interesting edge to it. When a wonderful man recommended the recent Ambulants EP to us, I couldn't help but love it. This EP is a great hard rock EP with tons of weird jazzy twists and turns that will come out of nowhere. I love the vocalist in the band, he sort of reminds me of R. Stevie Moore, but a bit more emotive in the voice. The guitar and bass play some wonderful and occasionally mildly ugly chords that make each track very interesting to listen to. The drummer is a rock drummer and a jazz drummer in one, constantly changing tempo's and knowing just when to do it. These songs must have been incredibly well rehearsed, cause they are quite technical. I love the opener to this EP, "Incognito". It can be very emotional, and it's not afraid to get a little happy, but it's also not afraid to breakdown either. The lead singers voice sounds very loud and emotional. Eventually the track just sorta swirls away in a sort of Beatles Abbey Road-esque jam. The next track "Pines" is a much happier track, with some much brighter major chords brightening up the room that Ambulants destroyed on the previous track, though that light doesn't stay very long when they literally destroy the room with some crazy solos. "Pomegranate Seed" has some very great progressions through out, and quite a few interesting changes.   "Chemical Waste" continues with just a ton of weird an interesting tempo and chord changes that jut sort of chill you right to the bone. "Isles" stays much more faithful to its original structure throughout the song, and it has a very catchy progression, so I'm ok with that. And the EP ends off with "III", a very pretty song that just builds up and up and up and then it finally breaks. And when the track starts, it doesn't stop for 5 whole minutes. It's a pretty interesting display of stamina, because these guys just keep this track rolling on forever (in a good way). I really enjoyed Well Wishes. It's a very technical piece of rock music, something I think we need to see a little more often in this day and age. You may stream and purchase the EP right up there. Hope you all like it, cause I certainly did.

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