28 October 2012

Teen Suicide - "I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is A Devil Inside My Body"

If you know the musical blogosphere quite well, you might have heard about the musician Sam Ray. Ray has been putting out music very consistently since May 2011 under the name Ricky Eat Acid. The album Seeing Little Ghosts Everywhere is easily his most popular record, and definitely my favorite from him. The album is just a lo-fi and simplistic album of piano, guitar and ambient synths that really put this guy on the map. Thanks to his popularity under Ricky Eat Acid, it has allowed his latest project, Teen Suicide, to get some attention. And I know how weird it sounds, Ricky Eat Acid is playing in a punk band. I know. But, you will be very surprised how well it works out. TS's debut full length I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is A Devil Inside My Body is a very interesting mix of shoegaze, emo, punk and occasional hints at Sam ambient and experimental past. The album begins with the synth drone "anne", a track that I could definitely see on Seeing Little Ghosts. But then, that side totally breaks away with "give me back to the sky", an incredibly emotive and far out rock song that I thought was great. The production doesn't seem great at first, but the drums and guitars that open the track work perfectly with the sea of reverbed vocals. "have you been eating that sandwich again" reminds me very much of one of the very raw but very catchy songs from Cut Off Your Hands album You & I, but more of in a live setting. "the way we were with people" is a very hazy emo song. "cop graveyard" reminds me of Ricky Eat Acid mixed with C V L T S and Willis Earl Beal. It's a very lo-fi electronics song with some great quietly sung vocals. The synth used on the track is just so interesting sounding that I can't help just love it. "dan collins vs. the maryland judicial system" has a very sour sounding chord structure, but it actually works perfectly with the vocals on the track. It has a very nice breakdown towards the end, just sort of cutting out into an instrumental with a piano headlining. "dead bird skeleton" is a quite shoegazy punk track that also has a mild math rock vibe to it with a very tightly woven end with an interesting time signature. "grim reaper" is definitely a call back to Ricky Eat Acid, but with vocals. "the same things happen to me all the time, even in my dreams" is my favorite song on the album. It just has this very beautiful sound to it with very affecting vocals from Sam and simple and repetitive guitar chords that despite being repetitive feel very important. The track ends in a very sound collage style ambient breakdown, tones of synth chords and drones hanging around everywhere. I just love the track a ton. "Swallow" ends the album perfectly, with a very fragile lo-fi acoustic ballad that is very pretty and touching. While stylistically, this album can definitely be a bit all over the place, I think that with this record, Teen Suicide shows a ton of power and skill. And they definitely know how to make some very emotion filled and raw songs that will stay with me for the rest of the year. You can stream the album up above, and download for free here (courtesy of the band).

23 October 2012

Radar Defender - "Satellites And Airports"

Radar Defender is a Lawrence 4 piece rock band. After playing shows for consistently for a few years now, they have not dropped their debut record, Satellites And Airports. And after reviewing an incredibly disturbing metal/hardcore record, I though you all might want to have some fun. Radar Defender's debut is a very fun and nerdy indie rock release. Lyrics that talk a ton about space, spaceships, and aliens sung in the very hazy vocals of Scott Burr and Korie Johnson over some very fun distorted guitar and bass, occasionally accompanied by some really nice synths. The track "Moon" starts off the LP, it's a very catchy song that properly sets up the rest of the album for you. I love how slow the track "Escape And Re-Entry", a track that talks about space travel under these very melancholy guitars, and then the track explodes with a distorted bass chorus. I like how oddly sort of gloomy the song feels. "Simian Rocks" is a track I believe about aliens. Maybe I'm wrong, but even if I am, the tracks electronics and overall sound kinda reminds me of a Black Moth Super Rainbow song, particularly during the instrumental part. "Visible Man" has a very dainty electronic intro of vocals, synths and sequenced up tuned drums before it bursts into a wave of distortion. "Sun On The Street" has a sort of shoegazy country feel to it. "Icarus" has some wonderfully plucked acoustic guitars and blippy synths opening before starting into a very fun indie electronica song with a great fuzz bass line, and ends with those really pretty acoustics that I enjoyed a lot on the beginning of the track. "Cactus Splinters" is a very rockin' track with an interesting chord structure to it that wouldn't normally work, but these guys do it just right. "Animal" has this lovely guitar plucked melody with Scott singing to begin it, and it sounds excellent. The track quickly progresses into a very shoegazy rock song that isn't my favorite on the LP, but definitely an enjoyable song. "Light Headed" has these very entertaining 8-bit drums and a sort of post rock ending. The song "Wet Blanket" is a loud fuzzy and emotive rock song that just rocks it out for 5 whole minutes, and surprisingly it doesn't get boring even though a lot of rock songs can get very boring when stretched over 3 minutes. It ends of this LP just perfectly. If you're looking for a nice boat load of fuzzy, nerdy, shoegazy, and energetic rock music, give this thing a listen. You'll enjoy yourself. Stream and buy up above. :)

Meat Mist - "Smut"


I've been following the KC 3 piece Meat Mist ever since we found their debut record, Bleak Bisque. That 9 track powerhouse album was one of the first disturbing pieces of music I really ever came across (before my musical sensibilities changed and the blog as you know it now exists). Disturbing lyrics, harsh screams, and disorienting guitars and drums. It really was something else to me when I first discovered them. And as you all know, I've recommended almost every new release that's come off of these guys record label XO Press, one of our favorite record labels ever and one of the most important labels in the KC DIY scene in our opinion. So, when the second Meat Mist LP Smut dropped over the summer, we immediately picked up a vinyl copy of it. I've for some reason put off the article on this record, despite listening to it since later in the summer. So, here we go. This is probably one of the best hardcore LP's you'll here all year. The guitar and bass playing of Stephen Proski and James Rumsey is crazy. They play some of the most disturbing, sour and disorienting sounds and chords you can find, and throw them together into very loud bursts of noise. Tons of noise, feedback, and chords that aren't real chords: much more an assembly of sour notes all put together in the most disturbing array of sound I've ever heard. The infamous genius Dan Ohm is a madman on the drums, perfectly suited for the quick tempo changes and occasionally quite fast songs. Very dark and disturbing lyrics just chill you right to the bone. Lyrics dealing with sex, drugs, violence, madness, anarchy and torture seem to be very common place in this record. The whole album is just this crazy, maddening and disturbing collection of songs that just sort of documents someone who's so far off the deep end and there's nothing to do but embrace it. And that's what this LP wants you to do. Embrace it. Embrace the terrifying images that they've painted. Just dive right into the darkness to see what you find. What you find might change you. The LP is streaming and available for downloading up above, and email here to get a vinyl copy here. I've had mine since July.

21 October 2012

Lost Trail - "Traumatic Attachments"

We love our brothers and sisters in the Living Room Visions collective. I have almost never been disappointed with a project to come out of that group. One of the many bands in the group that I love is the band Lost Trail. The husband and wife duo of Zach and Denny Corsa reside in Burlington, North Carolina and have been making music for the project since 2010. The very prolific band has had a big year, with about 7 brand new records (not even the end of the year yet :O), numerous splits, photography projects and a feature length film. Unfortunately, Zach has is battling with a bout of Tinnitus and the groups output may slow for just a little until he gets better. So before that happens, I'd like you all to give a listen to the duo's soundtrack for their film Traumatic Attachments. The movie, released to youtube in 5 parts along with the soundtrack in August, is a un-narrated ride showing videos of the odd and interesting broken down industrial landscape of Burlington. It's very simplistic, but quite pleasing. As for the soundtrack that plays behind the film, oh man. If you are looking for some of the best ambient and drone music currently in the musical spectrum, listen to this soundtrack. It's 5 parts go everywhere from very harsh and dark noisescapes to very pretty and beautiful post rock. The first track on here, "Industry", begins with a very beautiful ambient atmosphere of soaring vocals and electronics. The track like this for about 10 minutes until it just sort of stops and you get all this drone noise and various samples of pianos and guitars that definitely go very well when paired with the film. "Motion" is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is quite harsh and dark. Very bleak drones begin the track and around the 6 and a half minute mark the track sort of bursts into much louder guitar drones that really just sink into your brain. "Sprawl" is a track that goes in tons of twists and turns. Some very harsh noise drones, pretty synthesizers, tons of more harsh noise, and all sorts of darkness. With it's 19 minute length, I think it definitely has to be that way to keep the listener interested and focused. The next track "Ghosts" has these larger than life choir style vocals opening the track, and then these very haunting sounds overtake the track and just really wreck your mind. "Wilderness" ends of the soundtrack on the right note with this very great folk vibe,  eventually developing into a very lo-fi atmosphere of nature sounds and very tampered with guitar sounds. I personally loved this thing from front to back. Lost Trail's similarities to bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Soundtrack's To The Blind-era Swans are most obvious and apparent on this soundtrack and just excellent. These guys know how to pull off very great and dark atmospheres perfectly. If you love harsh noise, drones, and ambient music, you'll love this thing. It's pretty great. If you would like to watch the film, go here and the soundtrack as always is streaming right up there. Enjoy!!

19 October 2012

The Plums - "Nixon's Mess"

Straight out of the nations capital, here is the newest record from longtime noise/no-wave band The Plums. Apparently, these guys have been around for 10 years, and this is the first I've ever heard of them, and I think a lot of people still haven't heard these guys. Which is a shame, because these guys are excellent. Very odd and excellent sort of free jazz mixed with noise rock, plus elements of noise improv. Their latest record, Nixon's Mess, is a very short record at just 32 minutes (and very short in comparison to their record from last year, the 2x LP The White LP), but it still manages to pack a punch. This LP is a half hour of loud noise rock jams with the best twists and turns you could want. Tons of odd little noises make themselves appear into the track and take it into a whole new place. The rock moments on this LP feel very loud and jammed out. The rock jam parts are also quite repetitive, but have a very interesting nature despite their repetition. The drones of noise and feedback this band uses often in their tracks are spectacles, just intense and drawn out noise being hammered into your brain, until they just disappear. It's definitely a record to experience for yourself. The album is streaming up above and a limited edition cassette is available via Prison Art here.

15 October 2012

Diskette Romances - "Keys To The Suite"

Eric McGuigan is a 23 year old living in the beautiful state of Maryland. He alone runs the musical project Diskette Romances. Just recently, he dropped his second LP under this moniker, Keys To The Suite. And just like his last LP (self titled on Sunup Recordings, stream over here), Diskette Romances makes a very fun and short album of quirky 70s smooth jazz samples. Coming in at just 15 minutes, this album is just short enough for the mildly cheesy samples not to get to cheesy, but also it's short enough just to the point where I want a little more. "Champagne In Hong Kong" is probably my favorite track with just a very smooth lounge feel to it. "Emerson J. Banks" has a sample that I really enjoy a lot. "Leaving You" is a very atmospheric and somber soundscape that is probably one of the most interesting and different track on the record. If you want a somber, nice little sample album that is just quite pleasant to listen to, definitely give this a listen. Eric has put the LP for free on mediafire for your enjoyment here.

Cerce - "Cerce"

Here's some music we love.

Cerce is a Boston female fronted punk band who is really becoming one of my favorite new bands out there. They play very intense, disturbing and mosh worthy hardcore songs, with vocals that almost overtake every track. The front woman in this band just has  ear shreddingly high pitched screams and yells that really gives Cerce's music an extra push into the dark realm of music. You can tell when she is just shouting at the top of her lungs, and you feel like it is directly fired at you, like you are the person she is screaming at. When doesn't scream, she seems to talk in this very quick and schizophrenic voice that is incredibly dark. This new EP of theirs is self titled, and out via multiple record labels on a 7" (which I'm hoping to buy soon). I bought one of the final copies of their Tour Sampler CD-R, which I adored, so I knew I was gonna get pretty excited for this EP. And it did not disappoint me.

The EP begins off with "Mare", a very dark and brooding intro track that just builds and builds. It's a very dark entree for what's going to come. "Mare" goes right into "Weary", a track that was on their Tour Sampler CD-R, as is the next track "Choices". Both tracks didn't really do much for me because I'd already heard them, but it was nice to see them show up here with some better production. "Concussion" is another ver dark and brooding slow song with an incredibly violent end to it. "Libel" is a very quick and short song that is pretty dang intense. "Fornication" is Cerce's longest track to date. It's the equivalent of Swans' "The Apostate" on The Seer. You just see stars falling out of the sky and buildings falling over and trees being ripped out the ground. It's intense.

I don't know how many times I said intense in this review, but it's definitely the best way to describe this EP. Just intense waves of sounds, drums and screams that I love listening to. It's just so loud and disturbing that I can't help but just sit down, shut up, and listen to the sonic murder that's happening in front of me. This is definitely very great release. It's available for you to stream right above. Just turn your headphones down, or have your ears blown.

14 October 2012

Awesome New Josh Homme Track "Nobody To Love"

Here's a nice new track from everybody's favorite frontman, Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme. While the track feels incredibly commercial, it is still an incredibly catchy song. The chorus and parts till the end really sound like some of my favorite QOTSA moments. I can also forgive the more commercial sound on it, because it was made for the upcoming film End OF Watch. So ya know, it's got that commercial soundtrack vibe sort of in it's blood, but Josh Homme still makes it something of his own. It does make me kind of excited for a new Queens Of The Stone Age record.

13 October 2012

Ambulants - "Well Wishes"

I hope it is well known that we do like our rock music. Especially rock that has a very interesting edge to it. When a wonderful man recommended the recent Ambulants EP to us, I couldn't help but love it. This EP is a great hard rock EP with tons of weird jazzy twists and turns that will come out of nowhere. I love the vocalist in the band, he sort of reminds me of R. Stevie Moore, but a bit more emotive in the voice. The guitar and bass play some wonderful and occasionally mildly ugly chords that make each track very interesting to listen to. The drummer is a rock drummer and a jazz drummer in one, constantly changing tempo's and knowing just when to do it. These songs must have been incredibly well rehearsed, cause they are quite technical. I love the opener to this EP, "Incognito". It can be very emotional, and it's not afraid to get a little happy, but it's also not afraid to breakdown either. The lead singers voice sounds very loud and emotional. Eventually the track just sorta swirls away in a sort of Beatles Abbey Road-esque jam. The next track "Pines" is a much happier track, with some much brighter major chords brightening up the room that Ambulants destroyed on the previous track, though that light doesn't stay very long when they literally destroy the room with some crazy solos. "Pomegranate Seed" has some very great progressions through out, and quite a few interesting changes.   "Chemical Waste" continues with just a ton of weird an interesting tempo and chord changes that jut sort of chill you right to the bone. "Isles" stays much more faithful to its original structure throughout the song, and it has a very catchy progression, so I'm ok with that. And the EP ends off with "III", a very pretty song that just builds up and up and up and then it finally breaks. And when the track starts, it doesn't stop for 5 whole minutes. It's a pretty interesting display of stamina, because these guys just keep this track rolling on forever (in a good way). I really enjoyed Well Wishes. It's a very technical piece of rock music, something I think we need to see a little more often in this day and age. You may stream and purchase the EP right up there. Hope you all like it, cause I certainly did.

The Meets - "Even When The Time Comes EP"

Here's some good stuff!

I would like to bring all of your attention to the upcoming EP from The Meets. The band, spearheaded by musician Brandon Locher, is releasing their newest EP Even When My Times Comes this tuesday. We got a pre-listen to the EP, and let's just say this: ya'll need to mark your calendars. This EP is an amazing piece of experimental, occasionally funky free noise jazz. The EP, along with Brandon, had 10 other musicians on board, allowing twice as much room for new and interesting sounds to find there way into the mix. Whether a track is a piece of noise improv or some experimental jazz fusion, the EP just has an interesting way of getting all of the instruments to be up close and center. I really don't want to spoil the whole thing for you, you will just have to find out on Tuesday. But, right now, Brandon has dropped 2 tracks from the EP, the title track and the music video for the track "Disorient". It will indeed be enough to hold you over until then. It's quite good. Both tracks are streaming above and below [thought I'd switch it up]. I will post the full EP the day it comes out or all of you. It will be coming out on the wonderful label My Kind Of Fun so you can digitally download it all that you want. Like I said, mark you calendars!!!!

11 October 2012

The Human Fly - "Everything II: Variations On A Theme"

After the epic debut LP Everything Feels Bad All At Once, Virginia one man project The Human Fly decided to bring on two new members and rework some of the songs from his debut. And while Everything II is far from the sonic intensity of it's predecessor record, it's definitely very interesting to listen to rock versions of songs that I've already loved. If you're looking for a maybe more accessible and less manic version of The Human Fly's debut, definitely check it out. But if you, like me, already love the first album, you'll probably still find this an interesting listen. To give that listen, the album it's streaming up above. Pretty interesting.

08 October 2012

Local News - "Channel 8"

Channel 8 cover art


Here's a nice little treat. If you're into jazz sampling music, you're going to love this new Local News LP Channel 8. It is 9 very short tracks of the finest jazz samples around, just executed flawlessly. Each track has interesting little twists and turns that I really love. "Tonights Special Guest" is a very smooth jazz oriented song that kinda reminds me of a Madvillian beat. "After Hours" is a just an awesome use of a classical jazz sound. "This Is Channel 8 Signing Off" I think is funny sort of elevator music song. "Snow" is a sort of tampered with jazz guitar/piano song that sounds like some had this song on vinyl and sort of warped it. This is definitely a very interesting LP to listen too, and a pretty fun one. It might just be because I just go gaga over jazz and jazz samples, but I do think this is a very interesting and fun album. Definitely give it a listen and download right up there.

07 October 2012

FAVRTSM - "Sun... Soon"

It's no secret over here at MTYMNHKA we love FAVRTSM. His debut LP Tape I is definitely one of our favorite albums from this year so far. After about 4 months since his last official release, the madman himself has released an EP, entitled Sun... Soon. On this EP, you have 6 tracks of some more wonderful lo-fi and roaring piano improvisations. Rafael's improvisations on this EP continue to be very interesting doorways into paranormal realms of music.The thing that I love that he begins experimenting with a little more with on this EP is just how manic and wild his improvisations can get. The track "Decay"  is just crazy, with Rafael just absolutely pounding the keys. ".WAVcrest (Friends)" is a very noisy jam, getting so loud that Raf's mic sounds like it's about to just give out from exhaustion. "Call and Response" doesn't feel like it has a particular planned direction at all, but the pure insanity of it make it one of the most interesting tracks on the EP. "... Soon (Fur A Lease)" is sort of what it sounds like, actually basing part of it's improv of the classic piano piece "Fur A Lease". Quite an interesting thing to listen to there. While this EP isn't quite Tape I, FAVRTSM definitely still is making some of what I consider the most interesting and raw music out of there on the internet right now. Definitely give it a listen up above and maybe download it to your iPod, like I always do.

06 October 2012

Heartscape Landbreak - "Long Live The Dead EP"

As far as live bands go, one of the best acts I've seen is definitely Heartscape Landbreak. Half beautiful post rock, half blistering indie rock, Heartscape Landbreak is actually the only band I've ever seen play three times, and I've loved them every single time. So, I got pretty excited when I heard they were releasing a new EP/zine this year. After a long time of waiting, I made a mad dash over to the Love Garden release show to get a copy. Definitely some money well spent.

The EP starts off with what is probably one of my favorite songs to come out this year "The Prairie As A Sea". This song is one of those songs that I've just made a huge emotional connection with. It's incredibly beautiful, and after about 3 minutes of building guitars and drums, the track explodes into this huge wall of screaming guitars and fuzzy bass. And after that wall dies down, the track goes into another pretty explosion of abstract lyricism ("in my past life, I was a buffalo") and eventually a torrential downpour of guitar and drums. I just really love this track. I don't know why, but I just really do. The next track, "Oh Sara, You Setting Sun", is a very familiar track if you've followed or listened to Heartscape before this EP, considering it was on a compilation of unreleased tracks the band released a bit earlier in the year I believe, but it's still nice to see the track here, because it is a great song. "Rain Rain Rain" is the only track I was actually unfamiliar with from seeing the band live. It's a very somber piece, sort of sleepy and tired feeling. With all of the extra instrumentation popping in and out, the track feels more like a composition than any of the other tracks on here. "Seed Song" ends off the EP, the track used for the bands split with Hospital Ships, a very great track that I remember very fondly from seeing the band live recently. While it is a really short song, it still packs a nice emotional punch in it's 3 minute span. Tons of more abstract lyrics ("A monument built from your marrow") and a very memorable hook help fuel the track into one of those songs you just want more of.

While I did almost know every single track on this EP from seeing the band live, I definitely still really loved listening to it. These guys just know how to make some beautiful music that really grows on me with each listen. Highly recommended listening. But, definitely see the band live if you can too. Great live. The EP is streaming and available for buying up above. Buy the limited edition zine over here, if you're into that kinda thing.

Black Cows - "s/t"

It's getting cold. At least in Kansas. It's sweatshirt weather. To help you all get past the freezing weather, here's the debut release from Connecticut 4 piece Black Cows. This is not really my first experience with the band considering one of their members is one of favorite singer/songwriters from this year, GoldenDawgs. So, when I found out he was one of the members, I knew I had to give it a good listen. This album is a very quick and short 6 song debut that I'm quite pleased with, and I think you will be too. Black Cows have a very nice a fun indie rock vibe that is very warming and happy. The album begins with "Kite Flight", a very solid opener about being taken away to another land via kite. The song has some very great guitar solo's and vocals that are very quite nice. "Super You" is much more of a rocker. It's got some distorted guitars and some bullhorn vocals that make the track very danceable. "Dream Of Today" kinda has a Beatles vibe goin' on in my opinion. "Porcelain (Pts. 1 and 2)" end off the album perfectly. They feel like much larger and fleshed out versions of something off GoldenDawgs first LP. While I do think that this album isn't quite a new or original take on indie rock, it's definitely a very fun take that I enjoy very much each time I listen to it. It's definitely a record to get over the cold with. You can stream and download the album right up there. It's a fun one.

The Dirty Nil - "Little Metal Baby Fist 7 inch"

A few months ago, we reported on California's The Dirty Nil's Summer Mixtape. A few months later, they've released a brand new 7". The Little Metal Baby Fist 7" is 3 tracks of the finest punk rock under the sun right now. The EP starts off with the title track, a blistering piece of catchy punk fury that sort of reminds me of a much less thinly produced early Green Day (Insomniac-era). "Hate Is A Stone" is easily my favorite track on this 7". The beginning kinda reminds me of the old White Stripes song "Sister, Do You Know My Name?", and then the track just breaks into an emotional whirlwind of thick and loud guitars, fuzzy bass, great drums, and very emotive vocals from the bands lead singer and backup vocals from the other members. It's definitely the track on this EP I will remember firmly in my head for a while. It's just so good. The band ends off the 7" on a frickin' David Bowie cover. DAVID BOWIE. And that cover is a great punk version of the song "Moonage Daydream". It's a very great way to end off the EP. The Dirty Nil definitely has stepped up their game with this 7" from a band that I enjoyed into a band that I love. It's just rock and punk in it's purest form. The whole 7" is streaming and available for free download right up there as always. Plus, the 7" is available for ordering over at their bandcamp page.

05 October 2012

Folkicide - "A Night At The Opera"

For those of you wondering, yes. The cover art is what you think it is. KC lo-fi folk rock band Folkicide has released a full length cover album of Queen's classic LP "A Night At The Opera". And as a huge fan of that record, I can honestly say Folkicide could not have made a more interesting and odd cover album. Each song is an oddly lo-fi, bombasticly produced burst of acoustic energy. Folkicide's very odd vocal delivery make each track seem incredibly interesting. The acoustics on the album have this wonderful lo-fi texture to them. Zach Turner and Jonathan Brokaw (Puffs or Plumes? and All Blood) add some great extra instrumentation, popping up through the album (drums, wall percussion, organ, various synths, banjo). There's even a brief trombone solo on the track "Seaside Rendevous" from Michael Walker, and that is pretty awesome. As far as cover re-interpretations, Folkicide definitely made one the most original cover records I've ever listened too. It takes a lot of skill to make an absolute classic into your own style, and Folkicide did that. Impressive work. I really don't wanna go through tracks individually, because I want you guys to go listen to them for yourself. The album is streaming right up there and also available for download too. so you can do that. Because I <3 you guys.

02 October 2012

Bare Pale - "I Never Could"

Here's a nice little treat from the UK. Bare Pale is a British duo who's currently working on their debut EP. And right now, we have the first single from the EP, entitled "I Never Could". Now, if you're wanting some fuzzy, distorted and slow moving lo-fi rock to sort of ease you into the fall season, this is definitely something to check out. The track has these great distorted and booming drums, loud and overpowering guitar that contains tons of fuzz, very somber bass vocals from the band's frontman. The track is at the same time very loud and bombastic while at the same time very calming and relaxing. The track definitely is what lo-fi garage rock is all about. If this track is a pre-cursor of what's to come, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Bare Pale as they move in on their EP. The track is streaming and downloading up there.