09 September 2012

Virgin Blood - "Cupidity"

Here's a little calm piece of music to sooth you into the fall and winter season. Here is the latest release off of the wonderful record label Lava Church, Virgin Blood's Cupidity. The 8 tracks on this album all take the shape of beautiful ambient sonic noisescapes that just soar. There isn't another way to put it. Just beautiful, soaring soundscapes of very sleepy pretty synthesizers. The LP begins with "Being/Time", which has these great flangered and reverbed synths and some glorious female vocals. "Verismo" is a great piece of sort of noise/ambience. Very blippy and bloopy. The next track, "Imagination/Taste" has a very orchestral feel to it, with some horn synths flying everywhere and female vocals. The title track sorta reminds me a bit of maybe like a Purity Ring track. "To Let" has this very droney synth in it, but doesn't last long enough to really get itself across. "Dreams Revisited" has the female vocals just very up front and center, singing what sound like fairly dark lyrics, and to the tone of this very dark bass synth and various noises. "Wavelength" is a very orchestral song, with a lot of cool ambient and repeated string sounds. "Everybody Else" definitely has an odd feel to it. With how reverbed the vocals are and how close this odd howling distorted synth note it, you can never really tell if the track is incredibly dark, or bright and happy. On the whole, I really liked this LP, I definitely wish it could've been longer though, coming in just under 30 minutes. The album is streaming up above, and I believe there is a last copy of the cassette available too over here.

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