03 September 2012

Sun Sweet Sun - "Karaoke Aujourd'hui"

Here's a band we love. Sun Sweet Sun is band from South Carolina who impressed me a lot in the summer of this year with their album Goodbye Strange Planet. Now, they're back with Karaoke Aujourd'hui. Now, this record is a much different record then its summer brother. This record had all the instrumentals laid down before hand, and then the vocals were laid down live, karaoke style (hence the title) and occasionally filtered through effects. While this LP is definitely not as experimental as Goodbye Strange Planet, it's still definitely a good listen. The fifth track "Hideaway" has all these odd reverses going in and out of the track and some vocals that really embellish the karaoke element to this record. And all the though the next track, "Run Sister" sounds like a wild rip off of doo wop and Elton John, I still enjoy it a lot. I love the opener "A Taste", it just has great group vocals, and nice instrumentation backing it: a loud fuzzy guitar, maybe a keyboard and some keyboard horns in there. "Gloria" has a great indie rock feel to it. I love the odd effects and reverb on the track "Standing Alone". It just feels very distant and spacey. But yeah. Another solid record from Sun Sweet Sun indeed. Download it for free up above or get a limited CD copy here.

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