23 September 2012

Sturqen - "Raia"

I believe this might be our first European submission. And definitely a great place to start.

So, this is the latest LP from the band Sturqen, a portugese electronic noise duo, and these guys have been releasing material under this name since 2009. This is I believe their 5th record, Raia. And while listening to this record, do prepared to be haunted. Cause on this album, you will get some of the best industrial/techno/noise sounds out right now. This project definitely shows a very strong haunted vibe to them, with these very dark soundscapes, ear shattering electronics just flying every were, and odd use of drum machines. These drum machines can come in very weird ways, often altered and thrown right under the heavy and high pitched electronic shrills the album throws at you. The album begins with "In", a very staticy and disturbing intro, with these very glitchy and noisy sounds coming out of nowhere, and they are quite reverbed out. The next track, "Umnus" has a very industrial and sharp beat with a growing soundscape in the background. Next is "VCD", and is definitely less disturbing than the last two tracks. A very soft, repetive hook is played that feels rather warm, while the buzzy sounds of various synthesizers sort of take over the track. "Riulu" is a very tampered with track, beginning with what seemed like a clear path, but then some knob twisting begins and in comes the noise. "Monte" is definitely the most beat oriented track on this album.  "Vela" has this awesome flanger effect added to it, and it just seems electronically spin around in a insane asylum, just crazy. "Mare" is another more beat oriented track, but the beat gets kind of run over by incoming noise flying in, unannounced. "Canario" is an appropriately named track, because the sonds on this track do sound a lot like birds and animals. "Musugo" has a very epic beat, with what sort of sounds like that sound from the Inception trailer music. The album ends off with "Kepler", a 7 and a half minute ruckus of fast moving kick drums and noisy sounds just everywhere. It is definitely this albums fastest paced track, and moves at an alarming rate. If you're looking for a great new noise/industrial record to put on your iPod, look no further than this record. Brilliant. The LP is as always up above for your streaming and downloading needs. Enjoy the noise! :)

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