20 September 2012

Stiff Middle Fingers - "Enemies With Benefits EP"

After seeing them at Love Garden at the last final friday of 2011, I've been awaiting recordings from LFK 4 piece supergroup Stiff Middle Fingers. You've got Panda Circus bassist Travis Arvey on vocals/screams, Cameron Joel Hawk of The Dead Girls on guitar, Barry Swenson from Podstar and Many Moods Of Dad on bass, and JP Redmon from Doubleplus and MMOD on drums. It's a pretty great group, especially live. And now, after a long wait, we finally have a debut EP from them. It's entitled Enemies With Benefits, and it lasts just under 10 minutes. It's basically 6 songs of some very solid covers and I believe a few originals. I really enjoy every track on here: every track is an awesome up tempo punk song that just bounces. The opening track "Common Cents" has got a great hook and a ton of awesome lyrics. "Pyscho B***h" is a hilarious punk rant on a.... you guessed it, a crazy girl (I try to censor myself). "Marathon Man" has some great shared vocals from Travis and Cameron, and speaking of Cameron, he's got a nice solo in the song. "World's Biggest Guillotine"is easily my favorite track, with Travis talking the lyrics in this very crazy, kinda insane voice that is pretty hilarious and awesome. "Love Song" is a great display of just the bands ability as a whole. "I'm Done" is the perfect end to the EP. You'll see what I mean when you listen. As a whole, I definitely like this EP a lot, I definitely wish the production was a bit better, but that's my only real gripe. Awesome EP, glad it's finally hear. It's streamin' and available for downloadin' below. Definitely do it. Best new punk EP.

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