29 September 2012

Residual Ghosts - "Shades Of Morning Dues"

If you want some nice new jazz for your weekend, definitely give a listen to this new Residual Ghosts track. It's definitely some great listening. The track has this really odd beat, with drums that appear to be sort of stacked on top of each other. This awesome electric piano really takes over the whole track, and not in a bad way. It really just hits you in a sleepy and chilled way and really just kind of calms you down. There are very awesome quite bass synths floating in and out of the track constantly, just another thing to love. While the track is quite repetitive and doesn't last to long, it is the perfect track to listen to when trying to take a mid afternoon nap. It's jazzy, calming, well made, and sounds awesome. I'm very interested to see what Residual Ghosts does in the future. The track is streaming in music video form up above. And unlike our previous featured video, this video has some nice footage of some NY subway systems. Enjoy!

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