02 September 2012

Monzie Leo And The Northwestern Two - "Sneakin In The Tall Grass"

After spending the summer up in the Washington while Kansas was being eaten by the sun, the legendary Monzie Leo has returned to us with some new music. The 8 track Sneakin' In The Tall Grass is a great folk release from one of our favorite musicians. While it isn't quite the intensity of his previous album Stull, this record is still one that is deserving of high praise. I love the use of cello and piano on "Freckles From The Same Sun", they just add an extra umph to it. "For Toby, For Cory" has a great slide guitar on it, and Monzie's vocals and lyrics on the track are awesome. "Moon Of Yellow Leaves" has a great female vocalist and a cello on it. Pretty much every track has something to love on it. If you wanna a bit more accessible side of Monzie and don't want to be haunted out of your mind by listening to Stull (still love that record), listen to this album. You can stream it or buy it up above as always.

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