29 September 2012

Merlin - "Night Terror EP"

The new wave wizard rock band Merlin recently released a new EP. After they released their brilliant debut LP The Magician's Alliance over the summer (stream that over here), we here at MTYMHKA we're left in a whirlwind. I've never heard something like that album. Ever. And so, a few months later, we get the Night Terror EP. And once again, I'm in awe. This EP, only 5 tracks, which doesn't even quite make it over 20 minutes, is one of the best EP's to come out this year. The only other thing I could possibly compare it to would probably be Swans' album Soundtracks To The Blind, and that doesn't even quite full envelope this EP's sound and effect. It all begins with "Realizing The Shadows" an incredibly dark, swirling track of drones, guitar effects, sounds, random drums, and what I believe is maybe some cello? Oh man. It's just like a tornado of drones. "The Tree's Blocked Out The Light I" is another insanely loud and crazy droned out track, but it also goes into metal moment about halfway in. The track continues on into a second part, which begins with a very somber post-rock sound, then evolves into an industrial breakdown. "Black Of The Cold Night"is just.... Various things. It's just a sound compilation of everything ever. It's almost like a cereal bowl filled with every kind of cereal ever made. It made look like a bit much, but it tastes so delicious. The EP ends off on the perfect note with "Funeralopolis (I'm A Freak)", which is just a great track. It has great various samples that add to the track, these very flangered and far out vocals, a somber acoustic guitar, a insanely huge sounding metal guitar, and a huge awesome freakout drone and guitar freakout at the end. Like I said, I don't think right now that there is a better EP than this one. Definitely give this EP a listen and download it for free right up there as always. It's really great.

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