07 September 2012

John Aulich - "Suite 001"

Now, we here at MTYMNHKA have 2 favorite genres to listen to: experimental and jazz/classical. And thanks to our new friend John Aulich over in the UK, we're getting the best of both worlds on his new release. His newest album, Suite 001, which is a album inspired by his late grandfather's war stories, is an amazing experimental composer record. It begins on "Prologue", which has this great, very jazzy sounding piano, a ton of incredibly sharp cymbals and a ton of terrifying noises that I have no idea where they're coming from. Oh, and a large noise driven drone. That's important. "On Friendship And Longing" is this great minimalist piano track, with a great jazz electric piano on it that just carries the track to perfection. "On Uncertainty" is a very dark 10 minute composition containing synths, pianos, sax, and I think maybe some cello. And noises of course. "On Brief Respites" is a very somber, ambient track that is very emotional, and is deserving of a much longer amount of time. Kind of reminds me of Godspeed You! Black Emperor if they played mainly electronically. The final track, "Finale" is a disturbing track of just... noise. It's a noise track. And a good one. Lot's of odd sounds and drones, epic feels, very minimalistic colors, and it's a very nice thing to marvel at. This record is definitely a great one, and worth your checking out. There's a track above streaming from the album, and you should definitely give it multiple listens. It's pretty great. Enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for that, Drew! Much appreciated.

    For anyone who's interested, my website carries the whole album for free, just go to www.johnaulich.co.uk and click 'Projects'.

    Cheers :)