09 September 2012


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Right now, over here in Lawrence, a band that continues to get bigger and bigger everyday is the punk band Radkey. All the way over from St. Joe, MO, Radkey is a young brotherly 3 piece (the average age between them is 18, if our math is right) that is already starting to pack venues everywhere. We got the chance to talk to bassist Isaiah over the internet (ya know, how we talk to everybody) and ask him some questions. The result was the interview your about to read. Enjoy!

Me: Please state your name, location and occupation.
Isaiah:  Isaiah Radke, I live in Saint Joseph, MO. I play bass in a band called RADKEY.

You and your 2 brothers are in Radkey. Tell us a little bit about the history on Radkey.

Well Dee started off playing bass is some shitty cover band. He was playing my bass so I was kinda put off by it, you could use the word jealous and I wasn't even a musician at the time. So after his first gig I called him and said "Hey, lets start a band.". He of course didn't believe me because I've done that too many times before. So after I tell him about it, he agrees, then Sol mentioned wanting to play the drums, and nobody believed that he'd commit to it either. Long story short, in the end it all worked out.

You recently recorded a new EP, that's coming out soon. Tell us a little bit about the recording process and maybe some other stuff.
We recorded at a place called Flowers in Minneapolis which is the same place Stray Cats recorded and a few other big sweet bands and Ryan Smith from The Melismatics produced it. We tracked all of the drums there and then we went to Smiths home studio to track all of the guitars and vocals. I prefer to do it that way, a lot more relaxed, and they say if you're in a relaxed environment you'll be able to hear it on the record, so hopefully you'll be able to hear it on this one.

Have you or your brothers been in any other bands?
My older brother Dee was in a lame cover band that he played bass in and he was also a drummer in a great rock band called Rehab Drive for a little while.

What are your influences (musically)?

The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin Nirvana, WEEZER, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Misfits, Ramones, Local H, Fishbone, Death and I could go on and on. 

Now, while Radkey is a growing band and you guys play quite a bit around MO and Kansas, you guys are still all under 21. Have you ever had any conflicts with school or anything like that?
Nope, we're home schooled so it all works out.

What's one of your favorite Radkey shows that you've played?

Opening for Fishbone, Lawrence Field Day Fest and Afro-Punk come to mind.

 You and your brothers are from St. Joseph MO, which isn't really known as the biggest music town around (feel free to disagree with me). How has the town influenced you guys and what you're doing?

The music scene isn't the best over here. The town ignored us for quite a while. The owner of The Rendezvous Jimmy Green let us play his club and that's where we ended up playing majority of our Saint Joe shows. We love that place, they treat us like family there.

Radley tour 2013? Eh?

We're hoping to get a RADKEY tour 2012 going actually.

Way back in July, you played the Lawrence Field Day Fest. Was that as fun as it looked from the internet?

It was more fun than it looked on the internet. Playing a packed Bottleneck was always one of my dreams, and I also saw some great bands that I now follow. So yeah, it ruled.

Will you release a full length LP, or want to?

We do want to someday. Adrian Grenier from that show Entourage owns a studio called WRECROOM and his own label Wreckroom Records, that's where we recorded our music video that'll be out soon. He told us to record a full record there, so that may happen.

Would your brothers care to make a comment on this interview?
They're currently sleeping (I pretty much handle all of the interviews Haha).

Any closing remarks?

Keep an eye out for RADKEY in the future, we're gonna put an end to false rock.

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