03 September 2012

Hanetration - "Torn Heat EP"

Just a few 7 months after his debut EP, UK electronic/experimental artist Hanetration has released his second EP. Now, the Torn Heat EP definitely caught me off guard. It's been awhile since a piece of music actually made me raise my eyebrow and go, what is going on in this music? The opening track "Jurassic" has this very light drum beat and some weird samples popping up, and what I believe are some effect filtered horns to with effects that make them slightly out of tune maybe? I don't know. It's a very pretty, slow moving track, and perfect way to start this thing. Everything seems so offbeat, out of tune and odd in the best way possible. The EP continues on with "Splinter", and this track is even odder than the first one. Lot's of circling synths that are out of tune, and a very weird beat that sounds like it involves machines. Eventually, the track just simply devolves into the madness of what I believe is an organ. After 2 tracks that are quiet haunting, Hanetration decides to take it easy on us and gives us "Sixth", a very calming jazzy synth Odyssey. Then, we end off on "Flicker" and oh my god... This track is very haunting, eerie, odd, off pitch, weird and just... a mind numbing track. The synth that Hanetration uses just kinda seems to spiral upwards through some kind of gloomy factory staircase that is neverending. There's just really no way to describe it. The same way with this EP. I just can't describe it. The EP is just so out of the ordinary that it definitely makes it some of the best experimental music I've heard this year. Hanetration has allowed you guys to download this EP for free, right up there. Oh man, it's so good... but so weird. I love it.

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