16 September 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. And The Mrs. @ Grandaddy's BBQ

   Mr. And The Mrs. Rock Grandaddy's BBQ
On Friday night, I got the pleasure to play a small show at Grandaddy's BBQ with the band Mr. And The Mrs. After I played, the husband and wife duo set up on the small playing area, and then they began. And I'll just say this. It was very sad there were so people there to witness it. They played a great rock set. Just one loud blistering rock song after another. They even ended off on a great Violent Femmes cover. When you see this band, you will get some great guitar and vocals from lead man Ben Hughes, and some very nice quick drumming from his wife Michelle. They kind of remind me of The White Stripes, but Michelle is a much better drummer than Meg (still love you Meg). If you get the chance, definitely see these guys. You won't regret it.


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