23 September 2012

Cemetery Family Band - "Cemetery Family Band"

Now, we here at MTYMNHKA listen to tons of new music everyday. It's just what we do. And almost all the time, we enjoy it. But every once in a while, we come across one of those albums that just wow's us. And one of the most recent records to do that around here is the latest from those freaks over at the Woozy Tribe, the s/t LP from the Cemetery Family Band. As far as experimental folk music goes, it doesn't get much more interesting or awesome than the Cemetery Family Band. The album is full of wonderful lo-fi plucked acoustics that sound like something straight out of The Beatles later period, vocals that are incredibly mesmerizing, slow moving and distorted drums, and the occasional help from an electronical soundscape. The LP begins with "Sister's Song", which is an amazingly catchy tune that will just stay in your head for ever. Very memorable, slightly latin influenced acoustic guitar, vocals that sort of remind me of something off either the last Trash Kids LP or maybe a Thee Oh Sees album. "Dee Tick and Lulu" maybe my least favorite track, but not to say it's a bad one. The vocals continue reminding me of Bridget Dawson, and I love the very ethereal and larger than life synthesizer in the back of the vocals. "Holy Mama Mistletoe" is a much more interestingly done track, with some effect driven guitars here and there and very lightly plucked acoustics and what I believe towards the end might be a dulcimer. "Broken Money" is very similar to the first track, but maybe a little more beat driven. "The Perfect Stone" and "Cousin's Gallon" definitely show a little more Beatles influence, particularly towards the end of "The Perfect Stone". And "Cousin's Gallon" just has a guitar that SCREAMS "Here Comes The Sun". and with drums that remind me of the odd drums used on that _tRAG1K_ 30 minute track that came out a few months back. "Our Strange Night In Cornwall" is a kind of creepy field recording of what I assume is a southern river at night. Ominous crickets, wind, the occasional car driving by, etc. It could have been a little more interesting, but I enjoyed it. "Only" contains some great instrumentation build up, with a deep dark cello, an incredibly dark flying synth sound, looped drums, and great repeated vocals with reverbed guitar. "Thinner" reminds me incredibly of the first track off that Otto Rollo album, Longtime. Delayed, fizzy vocals and memorable guitar. And then the album ends with "Reunion", which is a great track. It has these emotive vocals behind this slighly kooky and emotional guitar hook. The slow, sort of Dead Weather/"60 Feet Tall" drumming style adds to the track perfectly. And incredibly far out female vocals that help us end the album out are just awesome. If you can't tell, I am really in love with this record. While I am sad about it's incredibly short length (clocking in just over 20 minutes), this band and this album packs a very memorable punch. Thank you Woozy Tribe for introducing me to one of my favorite records so far this year. This record is available right above for your streaming and downloading pleasure, and I'd recommend giving this album multiple listens. I know I have.

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