01 September 2012

Afrika Pseudobruitismus - "Albedo"

Here's a great new/upcoming release by Afrika Pseudobruitismus, an great musician of the Living Room Visions Collective. This great new release, ALBEDO, is out on Amdiscs digitally right now. This album is a great, 8 track exploration of electronics and synths through a glistening lo-fi recorded sky. This album is a great experiment with electronics: poppy, occasionally noisy, blippy, spacey, lo-fi and fairly bright with colors. I love the soundscapes of moog-sounding synths and keyboard that Afrika can create. They're just so pretty. This dude definitely knows how to pluck on my heart strings with his music. It's a very pretty, shiny, and journey through a usually the usually inaccesible genre of electronic soundscaping. Great release. You can stream it below straight from Amidisc, and I'm sure a physical release of some sort will be out soon. 

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