09 September 2012


It is no secret that we here at MTYMNHKA love those freaks over at XO Pressings. I own practically everything they've put out, just missing the ATTENTION SEEKER tape and the Meat Mist/White Slave and Regret, The Informer 7"s. So yeah. We love those guys. And now, after the massive Meat Mist summer tour, it looks like the guys over there went back to the presses and have a new release for us. This is the new 3 track tape from ABBOT, a new band from KC that is described by XO's Dan Ohm as "A Fresh New ULTRAHEAVY Band". That's definitely an accurate description. It all begins with "1", a slow moving dark hardcore track with changing and disturbing vocals. The guitar sounds on the track are just seemingly tuned down to the key of Z. The drummer plays at the perfect mildly slow temp, but keeps it intense right along side the guitar. "2" is very similar to the first track, but it has a much more rooted hardcore sound, and much more rooted vocals from the frontman. It's a very dark, bassy growl voice that adds to the creepiness of the music exponentially. "3" is even darker than the previous 2 tracks, with incredibly reverbed vocals, and odd guitar chords structures that really give the track a boost right into the demonic reaches of music. While definitely a very short listen, I believe just over 10 minutes, this ABBOT EP is a very promising first release. And if this band release more things in the future, I'll definitely be listening to it. It's available for all streaming and downloading purposes above, and a cassette version is coming out soon I believe. Enjoy the darkness ya'll.

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  1. Hey thanks for the kind words! I play bass and do some vocals in Abbot. XO is putting out a new tape comp and our song for it is on our bandcamp if you wanna check it out.


    - Will