30 September 2012

Sam Billen - "Places"

If you live in Lawrence Ks like myself, you probably know who Sam Billen is, so I won't really go to far into details. He's been recording records going all the way back to 2004, and this new one is his 7th studio LP, Places. And unlike his last album Headphones And Cellphones, which I liked a lot, Places is a much more raw, emotional and densely instrumented record. The first track "Saltine" has some great vocals from Sam and a TON of various instrumentation: multiple acoustic and electric guitar, a bunch of popping in synthesizers, piano, drums and maybe even some bass. The track is very emotive and very pretty, and it doesn't quite let itself get lost in it's mass of instrumentation. The LP continues on with "An Interference", which I really like because it has a very odd sort of Christmas feel to it; bells, large piano, harmonious vocals, and some guitar. The title track "Places" has a very pretty post-rock vibe to it with these shimmering guitars, drums and maybe some violins, and eventually some very nice lyricism from Sam. "Choices" continues that post rock style I talked about up there, with a very pretty and overshadowing piano that really takes over every single thing about the track. "A Light Went On" is really only the sample of Sam's previous LP, with some casual drum machines taking the back seat as Sam tells a story of his childhood that I found incredibly raw and well told and it sounded especially great on top of the instrumentation. "Come Clean" is definitely my favorite track, with just soaring and beautiful instrumentation and in the back of my head I'm kind of thinking of maybe the epic feel of Swans' new record. It just feels epic and the vocals and lyrics in the song are great. The album ends on the right note with "Secrets Of The Universe", a very pretty post-rock tune. While the song is short at just 3min and 10sec, the song definitely gets its point across.

This record is definitely a very solid and enjoyable listen that I'm glad got passed to me. Sam continues to make music that I continue to find awesome and great, and I'm excited to see what his next record will sound like. The album is streaming and available for your buying pleasures right up above. I'd recommend it.

29 September 2012

Death Grips Leaked New Track?

So, I found this little piece floating around the internet and I thought I should bring it to all ya'lls attention.It appears that through a hole in the Death Grips website, someone magically found and extracted a new song, called "True Vulture Bare". Listen to it while you can, because it'll probably gone in a few minutes.

Residual Ghosts - "Shades Of Morning Dues"

If you want some nice new jazz for your weekend, definitely give a listen to this new Residual Ghosts track. It's definitely some great listening. The track has this really odd beat, with drums that appear to be sort of stacked on top of each other. This awesome electric piano really takes over the whole track, and not in a bad way. It really just hits you in a sleepy and chilled way and really just kind of calms you down. There are very awesome quite bass synths floating in and out of the track constantly, just another thing to love. While the track is quite repetitive and doesn't last to long, it is the perfect track to listen to when trying to take a mid afternoon nap. It's jazzy, calming, well made, and sounds awesome. I'm very interested to see what Residual Ghosts does in the future. The track is streaming in music video form up above. And unlike our previous featured video, this video has some nice footage of some NY subway systems. Enjoy!

Merlin - "Night Terror EP"

The new wave wizard rock band Merlin recently released a new EP. After they released their brilliant debut LP The Magician's Alliance over the summer (stream that over here), we here at MTYMHKA we're left in a whirlwind. I've never heard something like that album. Ever. And so, a few months later, we get the Night Terror EP. And once again, I'm in awe. This EP, only 5 tracks, which doesn't even quite make it over 20 minutes, is one of the best EP's to come out this year. The only other thing I could possibly compare it to would probably be Swans' album Soundtracks To The Blind, and that doesn't even quite full envelope this EP's sound and effect. It all begins with "Realizing The Shadows" an incredibly dark, swirling track of drones, guitar effects, sounds, random drums, and what I believe is maybe some cello? Oh man. It's just like a tornado of drones. "The Tree's Blocked Out The Light I" is another insanely loud and crazy droned out track, but it also goes into metal moment about halfway in. The track continues on into a second part, which begins with a very somber post-rock sound, then evolves into an industrial breakdown. "Black Of The Cold Night"is just.... Various things. It's just a sound compilation of everything ever. It's almost like a cereal bowl filled with every kind of cereal ever made. It made look like a bit much, but it tastes so delicious. The EP ends off on the perfect note with "Funeralopolis (I'm A Freak)", which is just a great track. It has great various samples that add to the track, these very flangered and far out vocals, a somber acoustic guitar, a insanely huge sounding metal guitar, and a huge awesome freakout drone and guitar freakout at the end. Like I said, I don't think right now that there is a better EP than this one. Definitely give this EP a listen and download it for free right up there as always. It's really great.

28 September 2012

The Rest Release NSFW Video For "Hey! For Horses"

One of the best indie rock bands to release an album in 2012, The Rest, recently put out a new music video for their very good single "Hey! For Horses". Click right here to go watch in on youtube. The reason I'm not featuring it here is because it features puppet sex. Yeah. You heard me. Puppet sex. So, for that obvious reason, that's why I'm linking you to it so you can watch it. Ya pervert. But anyways, for those of you who don't want to explain to anyone around you what you're watching by clicking the video, I put a stream of the album that "Hey! For Horses" is off of, the brilliant SEESAW. They've got some awesome limited clear vinyl over here, so definitely go pick that up while it's around. Enjoy.

CONCERT REVIEW: Ponyboy. w/ Plains @ Wonder Fair

Ponyboy. and Plains Make For An Awesome Saturday Night
A few weeks ago, I played a show over at our favorite art gallery's, Wonder Fair, w/ Plains and Ponyboy. And as far as a way to spend a Saturday night, this was a great way to do it. Plains woowed the crowd with their very quiet and slow moving indie rock/folk sound that was very enjoyable and drawn out. Ponyboy totally destroyed the place with their crazy loud drum and bass sound with some fast drumming from David Zay, and great bass playing and powerful singing/screaming from Charles McVey. They were just super intense. In all honesty, one of the best performances I've seen all year. This show will definitely be a very nice  memory from 2012 when it comes to making my end of the year lists. Definitely see these bands for sure if you get the chance. They were both pretty amazing.


23 September 2012

Sturqen - "Raia"

I believe this might be our first European submission. And definitely a great place to start.

So, this is the latest LP from the band Sturqen, a portugese electronic noise duo, and these guys have been releasing material under this name since 2009. This is I believe their 5th record, Raia. And while listening to this record, do prepared to be haunted. Cause on this album, you will get some of the best industrial/techno/noise sounds out right now. This project definitely shows a very strong haunted vibe to them, with these very dark soundscapes, ear shattering electronics just flying every were, and odd use of drum machines. These drum machines can come in very weird ways, often altered and thrown right under the heavy and high pitched electronic shrills the album throws at you. The album begins with "In", a very staticy and disturbing intro, with these very glitchy and noisy sounds coming out of nowhere, and they are quite reverbed out. The next track, "Umnus" has a very industrial and sharp beat with a growing soundscape in the background. Next is "VCD", and is definitely less disturbing than the last two tracks. A very soft, repetive hook is played that feels rather warm, while the buzzy sounds of various synthesizers sort of take over the track. "Riulu" is a very tampered with track, beginning with what seemed like a clear path, but then some knob twisting begins and in comes the noise. "Monte" is definitely the most beat oriented track on this album.  "Vela" has this awesome flanger effect added to it, and it just seems electronically spin around in a insane asylum, just crazy. "Mare" is another more beat oriented track, but the beat gets kind of run over by incoming noise flying in, unannounced. "Canario" is an appropriately named track, because the sonds on this track do sound a lot like birds and animals. "Musugo" has a very epic beat, with what sort of sounds like that sound from the Inception trailer music. The album ends off with "Kepler", a 7 and a half minute ruckus of fast moving kick drums and noisy sounds just everywhere. It is definitely this albums fastest paced track, and moves at an alarming rate. If you're looking for a great new noise/industrial record to put on your iPod, look no further than this record. Brilliant. The LP is as always up above for your streaming and downloading needs. Enjoy the noise! :)

Cemetery Family Band - "Cemetery Family Band"

Now, we here at MTYMNHKA listen to tons of new music everyday. It's just what we do. And almost all the time, we enjoy it. But every once in a while, we come across one of those albums that just wow's us. And one of the most recent records to do that around here is the latest from those freaks over at the Woozy Tribe, the s/t LP from the Cemetery Family Band. As far as experimental folk music goes, it doesn't get much more interesting or awesome than the Cemetery Family Band. The album is full of wonderful lo-fi plucked acoustics that sound like something straight out of The Beatles later period, vocals that are incredibly mesmerizing, slow moving and distorted drums, and the occasional help from an electronical soundscape. The LP begins with "Sister's Song", which is an amazingly catchy tune that will just stay in your head for ever. Very memorable, slightly latin influenced acoustic guitar, vocals that sort of remind me of something off either the last Trash Kids LP or maybe a Thee Oh Sees album. "Dee Tick and Lulu" maybe my least favorite track, but not to say it's a bad one. The vocals continue reminding me of Bridget Dawson, and I love the very ethereal and larger than life synthesizer in the back of the vocals. "Holy Mama Mistletoe" is a much more interestingly done track, with some effect driven guitars here and there and very lightly plucked acoustics and what I believe towards the end might be a dulcimer. "Broken Money" is very similar to the first track, but maybe a little more beat driven. "The Perfect Stone" and "Cousin's Gallon" definitely show a little more Beatles influence, particularly towards the end of "The Perfect Stone". And "Cousin's Gallon" just has a guitar that SCREAMS "Here Comes The Sun". and with drums that remind me of the odd drums used on that _tRAG1K_ 30 minute track that came out a few months back. "Our Strange Night In Cornwall" is a kind of creepy field recording of what I assume is a southern river at night. Ominous crickets, wind, the occasional car driving by, etc. It could have been a little more interesting, but I enjoyed it. "Only" contains some great instrumentation build up, with a deep dark cello, an incredibly dark flying synth sound, looped drums, and great repeated vocals with reverbed guitar. "Thinner" reminds me incredibly of the first track off that Otto Rollo album, Longtime. Delayed, fizzy vocals and memorable guitar. And then the album ends with "Reunion", which is a great track. It has these emotive vocals behind this slighly kooky and emotional guitar hook. The slow, sort of Dead Weather/"60 Feet Tall" drumming style adds to the track perfectly. And incredibly far out female vocals that help us end the album out are just awesome. If you can't tell, I am really in love with this record. While I am sad about it's incredibly short length (clocking in just over 20 minutes), this band and this album packs a very memorable punch. Thank you Woozy Tribe for introducing me to one of my favorite records so far this year. This record is available right above for your streaming and downloading pleasure, and I'd recommend giving this album multiple listens. I know I have.

20 September 2012

Stiff Middle Fingers - "Enemies With Benefits EP"

After seeing them at Love Garden at the last final friday of 2011, I've been awaiting recordings from LFK 4 piece supergroup Stiff Middle Fingers. You've got Panda Circus bassist Travis Arvey on vocals/screams, Cameron Joel Hawk of The Dead Girls on guitar, Barry Swenson from Podstar and Many Moods Of Dad on bass, and JP Redmon from Doubleplus and MMOD on drums. It's a pretty great group, especially live. And now, after a long wait, we finally have a debut EP from them. It's entitled Enemies With Benefits, and it lasts just under 10 minutes. It's basically 6 songs of some very solid covers and I believe a few originals. I really enjoy every track on here: every track is an awesome up tempo punk song that just bounces. The opening track "Common Cents" has got a great hook and a ton of awesome lyrics. "Pyscho B***h" is a hilarious punk rant on a.... you guessed it, a crazy girl (I try to censor myself). "Marathon Man" has some great shared vocals from Travis and Cameron, and speaking of Cameron, he's got a nice solo in the song. "World's Biggest Guillotine"is easily my favorite track, with Travis talking the lyrics in this very crazy, kinda insane voice that is pretty hilarious and awesome. "Love Song" is a great display of just the bands ability as a whole. "I'm Done" is the perfect end to the EP. You'll see what I mean when you listen. As a whole, I definitely like this EP a lot, I definitely wish the production was a bit better, but that's my only real gripe. Awesome EP, glad it's finally hear. It's streamin' and available for downloadin' below. Definitely do it. Best new punk EP.

16 September 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. And The Mrs. @ Grandaddy's BBQ

   Mr. And The Mrs. Rock Grandaddy's BBQ
On Friday night, I got the pleasure to play a small show at Grandaddy's BBQ with the band Mr. And The Mrs. After I played, the husband and wife duo set up on the small playing area, and then they began. And I'll just say this. It was very sad there were so people there to witness it. They played a great rock set. Just one loud blistering rock song after another. They even ended off on a great Violent Femmes cover. When you see this band, you will get some great guitar and vocals from lead man Ben Hughes, and some very nice quick drumming from his wife Michelle. They kind of remind me of The White Stripes, but Michelle is a much better drummer than Meg (still love you Meg). If you get the chance, definitely see these guys. You won't regret it.