11 August 2012

Sup, Muscles? - "Demo"

Demo cover art

Here's a little 2 song demo I discovered of a project from Chicago by Molly Spears called Sup, Muscles? The 2 tracks on this demo are very lo-fi acoustic tracks with a little bit of added stuff thrown in there (extra vocals, hand claps, and some extra guitars). And after this demo, I'm definitely hoping to hear more from Molly in the future. The first track, "I'm Resilliant" is sounds like a very somber acoustic jam until it sort of bursts at around 52 seconds, when a roaring acoustic strikes the air and brings the song into the light. It's a pretty brilliant track. I feel kind of emotional for almost no reason during the song. The next track, "Drinking Alone Can Only Take You So Far" is much shorter, but still very good. It starts with a sample of a couple talking, then like the first one, sort of bursts into another emo-ish acoustic track. There's some screaming on this track, which makes it feel quite gut wrenching. If there's a new band out right now that hasn't quite blown up and that you need to check out, this is definitely one of them. Sup, Muscles? is a band I hope to hear more from in the future. So good.

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