02 August 2012

S*** God: Surprisingly Not A Metal Band

In the world of terrible band names and band names that are misleading, S*** God is definitely up there. When I hear it, I think "Awesome, I love doom metal bands". But, S*** God is actually an ambient band comprised of Nebraskan Miles McClain. After listening to all his tracks on Bandcamp, I can honestly say that he is one of the best new artists I've heard in a while. His music is filled with ambient soundscape's, various odd samples that often turn into drones. The release I want to talk about is a recent split he did with the band Razors. The song he contributed to the split is honestly in my opinion the best thing he's done. There's very offbeat samples, some noise, improv free jazz, and even music taken from what seems like a PSA from the 1930's. The track, "Who Do You Wish Was Here?" is a truthfully amazing thing of wonder that I can't stop listening to in fascination. It's so weird and absolutely everywhere that it's just stuck with me. Definitely stream the track above, and buy one of the limited cassettes from Unread Records here.

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