01 August 2012

REVIEW: Bird Law

Bird Law EP cover art
Artist: Bird Law
Album: Bird Law EP

Rating: 9.1/10


Bird Law is a band from my town. Ever since I saw them live last month, I was very excited about the EP that they said was in the works. And now it's kinda sorta hear (I got a full preview from the band), and lemme say, Bird Law is really impressing me.

What we have on this EP is 6 intense tracks of the drum and bass duo Nick Powers (drums) and Elise Atkinson (bass) tearing up the place with both members switching off on lead vocals. And I'll be honest while Nick and Elise's vocals aren't the best in the world, and are definitely not the most easily likeable vocals also. But, over the time I've been listening to their music and this EP, I've grown to enjoy them actually. If you don't like the vocals on first listen, definitely give them some time. It might take a little bit. But, there vocals have definitely grown on me. Nick's vocals are very intense and is pretty deep. Elise's vocals definitely sound maybe a bit more subdued I think. Her highlight on the EP for sure is the 4th track, a cover of The Ramones' "You Sound Like You're Sick". The vocals are double tracked and sound pretty great. Both band members sound great on the last track, "As Big As You Think". The only track I really don't care for their singing on at all is "Instant". I just don't think that track goes as well vocal wise. But yeah. I think you get it there.

Musically, these guys are pretty talented. Nick's drum playing is always at the perfect speed for the song. They can be nice and slow and also very fast paced. Elise is very enjoyable noise bass player, and she knows how to make some very thick bass riffs and sounds. I also don't know what pedals she uses, but I had no idea that you could get that kind of feedback from a bass. But yeah, musicianship is great on this EP.

With a better production (actually done by them) backing them on this EP, Bird Law definitely makes for me a very great EP of punk music that I absolutely guarantee will have a spot in my end of the year EP lists. The intense, heavy playing and the vocals from Nick and Elise just sound great and I'm totally digging it. If you don't find this quite enjoyable at first, stick with it and definitely keep listening. I'm loving it, but I don't think that will be everyone's opinion. You can stream 3 tracks from the EP below and support the band by buying them for $2. So yeah. See ya'll soon.

FAVORITE TRACKS: You Sound Like You're Sick, As Big As You Think, No More Room

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