14 August 2012

Puffs Or Plumes? - "BummerSummer"

BummerSummer cover art

Puffs Or Plumes? was a band recommended to us by the wonderful Jonathan Brokaw (otherwise known as All Blood). Puffs Or Plumes?, AKA Zachary Turner is actually his room mate. So, anyone affiliated with All blood we had to check out. And after listening to Zach's newest EP, I definitely say that while I don't like everything, I definitely got some great stuff out of this. Zach's lush and slightly instrumentals are very interesting and like able. The first track, "Boredom Comes", is very shimmery and bright. "Slow Goes The Milky Way" has a great bass and some cool echo vocals. I like how on all the tracks they have multi tracked vocals, kinda Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!-esque. Unfortunately, I really didn't like 2 tracks on here at all, the second and the 5th one. I just didn't care for them. But as a whole, I really liked this release. Cool instrumentals, cool vocals, bumpy tape cut production, it's awesome. You can stream and download the EP in it's 5 track entirety above. I'd recommend it.

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