12 August 2012

/please/ - ".2." (2012)

As some of you know, I'm a member of the Living Room Visions Collective. I love being in the group, it's pretty awesome, and I love all the musicians in there. A more recent addition has been Ellen Davies of the UK, otherwise known as /please/.  One of her more recent albums, .2. is one of the best LP's I've heard this year. The album is a very somber trip through ambient music. It is just 10 beautiful songs filled with soaring synthesizer, greatly managed drum machines, and maybe some guitars and vocals in there. The album is a very easy listen, coming in at just under 30 minutes, but it definitely is one of the most relaxing and quieting 30 minutes you'll have all year. The drums have an odd delay effect put on them, the synths and guitars are filled in reverb and sound lovely. My personal favorite tracks on here are "boyzone", "hoarding disorder" and "get away get away". They're great tunes. .2.  is a great release, and /please/ is a great project. Check out the rest of Ellen's discography here and maybe cop the .2. cassette over here.

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