25 August 2012

MU - "Feedback Ritual"

We here at MTYMNHKA love our drone. We own and love the Earth and Sunn O)) records and listen to whatever the newest Southern Lord release is. And with that out of the way, I would like to introduce MU. Not /mu/, but MU. He is a UK based experimental drone artist who I've been playing on my iPod for a little while. His EP Feedback Ritual is made of 3 15-20 minute songs made of just long, loud, and experimental guitar hits and feedback. And one of the things I like about MU is that with his drone, there isn't a giant sense of bass. Like on every Sunn O))) record, I think it's 2 basses not 2 guitars. But with this guy, I can tell it is just him with a guitar and ton of effects. It all sounds great together. The first track is a full on drone track, while the next one is a very somber piece played on what I believe is a keyboard. The EP ends with "Electrical Storm", another straight up noise drone track. Each track has things I love on it, which does make for a very solid group of songs. I'm tired and I don't think it looks like I could've written this article worse, so I'm gonna to bed. Stream Feedback Ritual in full up above. Highly recommended.

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