31 August 2012

INTERVIEW: Supersonic Piss/Slut River/The Tanks

Here's a little interview we did with a friend of ours from Iowa, Joe Ross, the drummer for Slut River/Supersonic Piss/The Tanks. We talk about drumming without shirts, jobs and tours, and playing black metal in your 40's. Yep. Stream the some releases from all three of the bands Joe's in, and maybe buy a copy of them. Enjoy!

Me: Please state your name, location and occupation.
Joe: okay, here it goes.joe ross,iowa city ,iowa and i am the drummer man...you kow..every town has 

one...the drummer dude that never went to college...he's your go to guy when you need a drummer thats efficient and he plays in way tooo many bands! i also sling falafel at the oasis.

Me: Now, you play drums in Slut River, Supersonic Piss and The Tanks. Is their any difference in what you do in the 3 bands?
Joe: BIG BIG difference....while all three bands are heavy and loud....the mind set is totally unique for each band..the tanks are tuff and really loud and kinda of macho...i work at playing extremely loud as well as pretty fast..but try to keep a steady,heady vibe.
SSP comes from a mind set of trying to emulate bands i was ( ad still are)really really into when i was in my early 20's ...arty chaotic hardcore punk like angel hair, page 99 and early locust....that music means alot to me...and when this noisey fuck up punk band asked me to join...i was totally pumped to do it...the drumming in that band is just as insane as i can make it...not worring about staying in time or following any sort of rules....just melting faces.
SLUT RIVER well...this is my baby..i mean this is a band that my kick ass girl anna mc d and i created and stuck with and will continue to do as long as possible. i have alot more to do with the writing process in this band..i even write some of the riffs..this band is just what naturally comes out when the people involved try to play punk rock...so drumming in this band is more like playing to the songs and trying to make it the best sounding as a whole and not showing off(but i do)...this drumming is inspired but la punk and the wipers and buzzcocks and the drummer of the new york dolls JERRY NOLAN...what a shredder.

Me: You recently just finished up a brief midwest tour with Supersonic Piss. How much fun was that?
Joe: it was nice and short and pretty fun.
just two days...

Me: Do you prefer bar shows or house shows?
Joe: well...its weird i love and hate both....at bar shows...its like your rocking sooo hard and trying so hard to get people to rock back.....like winning them over ..and it doesn't always happen.
at house shows...when everyones super drunk and ready to get stupid...its like your fighting the crowd...and trying so hard to just be able to play the songs...so yeah...its hard to say...house shows people will just come and say hi..that won't happen to much at bars shows...but bars pay better!!! oh yeah money..need that stuff.

Me: I'd personally say, all your bands are on the more intense side of the musical spectrum. Would you agree?
Joe: yes i would drew....i love fast, loud,, hard, heavy ,fucked up ,angry, ugly sounding music and i'm always searching for other people that share the same taste to play music with....i mean these bands aren't the dirtiest, fastest or gnarliest bands...but compared to indie rock or radio pop..i guess its pretty fucked sounding.

Me: Is drumming without a shirt on the best way to go?
Joe: YES IT IS...so my body does this thing. it recognizes me drumming(wich i do about once a day) as my daily exercise so it just sweats and sweats and sweats....so i have to take the shirt off...even though i usually end up using it to wipe off the sweat from my face and hands and sticks....so im not really saving it..i need a to bring a towel!

Me: You've had a busy year, releasing new music from almost all of your bands. What's the favorite thing you've done this year?

Joe: so yeah...i've played tons and tons of shows and done lots of tours...but i haven't been on many vinyl releases...thats why i moved to iowa city...TO PUT OUT RECORDS....so this year i've played on these needles discog lp, tanks full length LP epic loads, a super sonic piss 7inch and a slut river 7 inch...now i don't know if you've been in many bands at once...but i've learned that to keep it all working its good to keep thing seperate and try to not compared or choose one over the other...i love um all!!!!
but i will say i had way more to do with the whole process of make the record with the slut riv record. Recording,mastering ,dealing with pressing company....dealing with all the money stuff...anna designed the art work and i was there to help every step of the way...so im super proud of that one!!!

Me: You've played tons of live shows over the years. Do any of them in particular stick out to you? 

Joe: um......YEAH ILL JUST NAME THEM OFF. opening for at the drive in in 97,playing first ave in minneapolis(thats princes club),playing a generator show underneath an over pass in minneapolis 2010,rocking with lightingbolt 2010(got to be behind them and see everything!,
opening for the adolecents in orange county 2005,just recently slut river has played with both white lung and nu sensae two fo my fav shows of the past year...so those and lots and lots of nasty sweaty basement shows all across america!!!!

Me: There's a lot of grimy and weird stuff with all of your bands (the Slut River and SSP album covers, THe Tanks song titles). Do you think that those things are part of the aesthetic you want to bring the table? 
Joe: yes yes! you read me like a book!...i've always been in to the dark, gross ,drepraved aspect of life..i love it!! from horror movies to freaky books to death metal album covers! i love gnarly shit!

Me: Have you ever thought about the day when you'll be to old to play drums in loud punk band? Joe: well i haven't... but now that you bring it up...it kind of scares the shit out of me....i'll be able to play well into my 50's i hope. i'm gonna start a black metal band when i'm in my 40's!

Me: Do you have a job, and if you do, do you ever find it hard to have a steady job and also try to go on tour? 

Joe: Yes! i do have a job. i have always had stupid shitty jobs in and out of the time i'm not touring.... i don't really make mney from music...a bit of cash here and there but nt enough to make it.In the past i would just work fast food for a few months and quit and go on tour and when i got back...find a another fast food job. My job now loves me and doesn't mind me leaving to do something i love! THANKS NAFTALY AND OFAR! if your ever in iowa city go eat at oasis falafel!

Me: Any final comments

Joe:uh shout out to all the good bands to check out in iowa city and regionally!!! NERV,WILD CHILD,BIG BOX,LOS VOLTAGE,ZATH,ALEX BODY,SHAVED WOMEN,SOLID ATTITUDE, and CHUD!!!!!! thanks drew! my new friend!

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