12 August 2012

INTERVIEW: Son Ame Feliz

Here's a little interview we did with a friend of ours, Jeremy Panda, Otherwise known as Son Ame Feliz. Stream and buy his album below and like him on facebook here. It's definitely a good time.

Me: Please state your name, occupation, and location.

Jeremy: Jeremy Panda - All things music - Toronto.

Me: Tell us a little bit about the behind the scenes of your latest album.

Jeremy: Worked with Sean Gugula at Chalet Studios and then Darryl Neudorf on the mastering. REcorded 90 percent of the instrumentals on my own with Sean as the parrot in my ear and then Jesse Labovitz came up and destroyed the drums on the record. Over the next few months we brought in some friends to beautify everything. Melissa Cameron, Cody Elliott and Kevin Pullen (Dunes) to name a few.

Me: You've played with tons of musicians over the years. Who's been your
favorite (and/or most memorable)?

Jeremy: I basically learned guitar playing in a Celtic Duo (of all things) with Owen Pallett ( Arcade Fire) for just under 5 years. It wasn't all rock n roll all the time but I learned Rhythm and chord structures while playing behind him as the lead. He's the most talented musician I've played with ever. He'd go from a reel to a jig to Hendrix to Bach as easy as Sunday morning.

Me: Have you had any previous albums?

Jeremy: I've recorded a rough acoustic EP 11 years ago and done a ton of live low fi things. Also played on over 12 records for other bands but with this one it was time to ante up and really put things on the line. Time and energy and risk to see how it would be received.

Me: Do you have any great show memories?

Jeremy: Great Hall, Toronto, St Patricks Day with The Dunes about 5 years back. The show was packed and The Dunes stole the show away from NEverending White LIghts who were the headliners. I was playing keys there and it was a lot of fun. The show was broadcast in Ireland and HOng Kong. Favourite show attended was my first show I saw... at 15. Elliot Smith. Didn't even know who he was and now he's one of my top 2 songwriters  /  artists of all time.

Me: Your debut record as Son Ame Feliz goes over nearly every genre
possible. Did you make the album with that idea conscious in your head?

Jeremy: actually no. I think I've spent years creating in my little land of make
believe.. Some close friends call it "Pandaland" and as open as I am to influences and artistry I don't get caught in any one genre. to me it seems funny and weird and strange to pigeon hole. It's like your wardrobe.
Do you just look up what's cool and then copy everything from head to toe? you can take bits and pieces of theory and dress but you gotta make it your own.

7. Who are your influences?Jeremy: My mom bought me a Neil Young song book with my first guitar when I was 13 and I learned a bunch of his songs without ever hearing them. I think that was my intro in song structure and I started to see patterns that were consistent from key to key. Than came Nirvana, Velvet Underground, The Stones, Flaming Lips, Biggie Smalls, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Hendrix.. I guess I should stop?

8. Is there any possibility of a Son Ame Feliz tour?Jeremy: Absolutely. Im working on some fun things right now that will be exciting live. I get bored easily so stay tuned.

9. Any closing comments?Jeremy: Just thanks very much for your time and I thoroughly encourage you to keep doing what you're doing with your own vision. Peace.

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